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  • BAAS-AA general scholarship deadline Dec. 1st.
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    BAAS-AA general scholarship deadline Dec. 1st.

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  • The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Applied Administration

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​BAAS in Applied Administration

To be admitted to the BAAS-AA program the student must hold an AAS degree in any field from a community college. Students may transfer up to 78 hours from the community college to meet the BAAS-AA degree requirements. These hours include the 42-hour state-mandated Texas Common Core and 36 hours of the courses required for the technical major of the AAS degree. The following categories of courses must be completed for the BAAS degree with a major in Applied Administration.

Category for AA MajorSemester Credit Hrs
Core Curriculum Requirements42
Courses in Technical Major from AAS Degree36
Requirements Applied Administration Major30
Prescribed Electives  9
Free Upper Division Electives--No UHD  College of Business Courses  3


The following four year degree plan is based on the UHD 2017-2018 academic catalog. We recommend that you meet with your academic advisor to customize your degree plan.

Students pursuing the Safety Management concentration must have completed an AAS/AAT degree in safety management or another engineering-technology related field. ​The following categories of courses must be completed for the BAAS with a major in Applied Administration and a concentration in Safety Management​.

Category AA Major with ET ConcentrationSemester Credit Hrs
Core Curriculum Requirements42
Courses in Technical Major from AAS/AAT Degree36
Requirements Applied Administration Major24
Engineering Technology Concentration Core12
Engineering Technology Concentration Electives  6


 Through completion of the BAAS-AA program, the student is provided the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the areas of supervision and leadership, human resources, budgeting, interpersonal communication skills, change management, program planning and evaluation, information systems and development of technology for use in organizational processes. These courses will provide the skills and knowledge for upward mobility into supervisory and administrative positions. Courses will be offered online, with a limited number of hybrid and face-to-face course offerings. This will give students who are working and/or have families the flexibility to design a schedule that will fit their needs. For your convenience you can keep track of the courses you have taken using the BAAS-AA program guide.  

 For additional information about the program or questions, please contact the BAAS-AA Program Office at 713-223-7992 or send an e-mail to

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