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Common Reader 2019-2020

America Ferrera's American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures has been chosen as the 2019-2020 UHD Freshman Common Reader. Published in 2018, the book is a collection of essays and first-person accounts written by Ms. Ferrera and thirty-one of her friends. The entries in this book weave an intricate and diverse tapestry of American voices that live between cultures.

The book offers a diverse and multifaceted approach to exploring the theme selected for the 2019-2020 Common Reader that centers on our uniquely diverse and complex student population. The book's author proclaims that while she feels American, her complex Latina identity often constructs perceptions of her and others like her as an outsider. As our society becomes increasingly diverse and complex, research indicates that individuals from underrepresented populations encounter instances where they examine the intersections of their identity. The exploration and affirmation of identity is often challenged by today's discourse on walls, immigration, and what American identity looks and sounds like.

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