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Course Evaluation Response Rates

Who sets up the course surveys?

On-campus coordinators for IDEA create the course survey administration for each course. An email will be sent to your UHD account when course surveys are set up. This email will also contain instructions as to what you need to do.

Will my students see which objectives I have selected?

The students complete the course surveys without knowing what objective(s) you have selected as Essential or Important. On the survey instrument, the students will see all 13 objectives and rate their own gains toward these objectives using a scale ranging from "no apparent progress" to "exceptional progress."

Should I tell my students what objectives I have selected?

Telling students prior to the surveys what objectives you have selected for the course may bias the results. However, explaining the rationale for why you do what you do in the course on a continuous basis will not only improve the quality of student responses in the course surveys but it will also make learning more meaningful for your students. Another alternative is to map your course objectives onto IDEA objectives in your syllabus so that students can see their relevance to various portions of your course right from the beginning.

Who should select the objectives if I am teaching a team-taught class?

Unless the objectives are predetermined by the program, the primary instructor of any team-taught class is responsible for selecting the objectives.

When can I select objectives?

You can select objectives as soon as the surveys become available to you. You will have until the last day of the surveys to select your objectives. After this time, the Objective Selection Forms will not be available.

Can I copy objectives from a different term?

The objectives you selected for a course in a previous term are only available in a "view-only" format. That is, you can see but cannot copy them.

When will the survey be open?

The survey is typically open during the last two weeks of a course, ending just before the final exam period. The period is shorter for Winter term classes.

If a student drops my course, will that student get to complete the course survey?

The course surveys are set up the day after the last day to withdraw from a course. If a student has withdrawn or dropped your course, s/he will not be able to complete the survey.

How are team-taught classes handled during the survey period?

Only instructors that are designated as "primary" (or Instructor of Record) in Banner are listed in the system and surveys are automatically set for them. Surveys typically include additional questions about the support/secondary instructors in team-taught classes.

How do students know the surveys are available for them to complete?

Students will receive an email from on-campus IDEA coordinators notifying them of the course survey start and end dates along with the link to the online survey platform. This initial email will be followed up with frequent reminder emails.

Are student responses anonymous?

The system collects student responses without any identifying information.

Can I tell which students did or did not complete the course survey?

You will not be able to see who has or has not completed the survey. The only information will be available to you is response rate - the number and percentage of students who respond to the survey.

Who has access to my survey results?

Results are available for Department Chairs, Deans, and campus administrators. Since support/secondary instructors are not listed in the system, they are unable to see the results. The primary instructors can provide this information to support instructors.

Can I see the results if only few students have completed the survey?

There must always be 3 responses in order for a report to be generated. If there are 4 students enrolled and 1 responds, no report will be generated for that course. If there are 10 students and 1 responds, again, no report will be generated. If 3 or less students are enrolled in a course, then the results will only display IF 100% response rate is achieved (i.e., if there are a total of 2 students enrolled, both must respond; if there are a total of 3 students enrolled, all three must respond). Results of courses that haven't met the threshold are still able to be viewed by the campus administrator.

Last updated 11/15/2020 10:50 AM