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  • 2019 Teaching and Learning Symposium Flyer
    Teaching and Learning Symposium

  • T&L Symposium shows new classroom technology
    Teaching & Learning For Tomorrow

  • Faculty Collaboration

  • Faculty Workshop with CTLE
    Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

  • Online Learning Consortium
    Learn more about Online Learning Consortium’s Online Teaching Certificate grants

  • online teaching certificate program
    See what UHD faculty are saying about the CTLE/TTLE Online Teaching Certificate

  • CTLE Workshop
    Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

    Teaching Lunch Workshop

UHD Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

 Faculty-Driven   |    Evidence-Based    |    Student-Centered 

Our mission is to promote student success by providing targeted faculty support promoting 
evidenced based instructional strategies, and cultivating an innovative and collaborative learning environment at UHD. The center’s ongoing initiatives aim to achieve the student success objectives outlined in the UHD Strategic Plan and to support the University’s continual growth and development as a vibrant teaching and learning institution.   

We are open Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm
If we are not in the center, it's because we are in a meeting or helping faculty, in which case we encourage you to make an appointment by emailing us at We are located in the Academic Building in ACAD 700A

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