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​UHD Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

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​​SPRING 2021 - CTLE Services & Programs


The UHD CTLE is now operating 100% ONLINE. We are available remotely M-F from 7am -5pm to support your instructional needs. Our mission is to promote student success by providing targeted faculty support promoting evidenced based instructional strategies, and cultivating an innovative and collaborative learning environment at UHD. The center’s ongoing initiatives aim to achieve the student success objectives outlined in the UHD Strategic Plan and to support the University’s continual growth and development as a vibrant teaching and learning institution.

We encourage you to make an appointment by emailing us at

For graphic design and video help click the link to submit a service request. ​

For online pedagogy and instructional design support click the link to submit a service request.

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Brian Boyd Baldwin, Instructional Designer

About Dr. Baldwin

I have been involved in instructional design and training for over a decade and have worked on multitudes of projects that span the spectrum of traditional and virtual learning.

Why Instructional Design Matters

Instructional Designers are specialists in traditional learning and e-learning environments. By maximizing engagement opportunities that focus on the social, instructor, and cognitive presence that blends seamlessly with content, learning and teaching can be made to be more dynamic, active, and engaging.

Dr. B Can Help With:

  • Course design consultations
    (Hybrid, Online, and Face-to-Face)
  • Online assessments
    (synchronous or asynchronous)
  • Zoom for virtual lecture
  • Technology-enhanced instructions
  • General instructional design queries

Virtual Office Hours

Monday & Thursdays

10:00am - 11:30am

Tuesday & Wednesday

12:30pm - 2:00pm

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Online pedagogy and instructional design support

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