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Integrating High-Impact Practices at UHD

Each academic year, the High-Impact Practices (HIPs) Subcommittee of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence welcomes applications from faculty (including adjuncts and lecturers) and staff ​to integrate HIPs in UHD courses or through documentable extra- or co-curricular educational experiences for UHD students. The purpose of this program is to achieve the UHD goal of providing students high-impact educational experiences. Ideal proposals will implement the UHD vision by incorporating elements that meet one or more of the characteristics of HIPs listed below.

Background Information: What are High-Impact Practices?

High-Impact Practices are active and intentional teaching and learning practices that:

  • Promote student engagement and deep learning in the context of a coherent, academically challenging curriculum.
  • Heighten student achievement in meeting essential academic (i.e., course or program) or professional outcomes.
  • Increase student retention and persistence to graduation.

In addition, High-Impact Practices generally:

  • Involve a greater investment of time, effort, and purposeful attention to learning.
  • Allow students to interact with faculty, staff, and peers concerning substantive matters, and build sustained, substantive relationships.
  • Allow students to experience diversity and engage people across their differences.
  • Involve a student-centered approach to the curriculum or development of competencies.
  • Involve frequent and substantive feedback for students.
  • Provide opportunities for students to discover the relevance of, and apply, integrate and synthesize knowledge gained in and out of the classroom within the context of real-world applications and new situations.
  • Provide the opportunity for students to be meta-cognitive and reflect on their experiences and the person they are becoming.

For additional information on High-Impact Practices, consult documents found at:


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