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About the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

A full-time director and associate director lead the CTLE in collaboration with an advisory board consisting of faculty and staff who represent the broader University. CTLE staff, board members, and subcommittee members facilitate the implementation of all programs and services.  Together, more than 30 UHD faculty and staff actively contribute to the operation of the Center. The programs and services offered by the CTLE align with recommendations of the UHD CTLE Task Force initiated by the Faculty Senate prior to the center’s launch. 

UHD CTLE Staff and Associates

Director: Gregory A. Dement, Ph.D.
Director: Gregory A. Dement, Ph.D
Greg collaborates with members of the CTLE Advisory Board and Subcommittees to plan and implement initiatives focused on fostering collaboration and innovation among UHD faculty. He has a particular interest in supporting collaborative course redesign and in motivational teaching strategies that can be implemented with minimal time and effort. Greg holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Washington State University and a B.S. in Biology from Northwest Nazarene University. Prior to joining UHD, he served as a National Institutes of Health (NIH) post-doctoral trainee and NIH Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA) teaching scholar at Baylor College of Medicine.  

Associate Director: Georges Detiveaux, M.A.
 Assistant Director: Georges Detiveaux, M.A.
Georges supports our mission by leading online course and program development and improvement, facilitating sessions, and by providing instructional design support, consultations, and observation services to faculty who are seeking to innovate face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. His interests are in teaching techniques and technology tools that foster engagement and active learning. Georges holds an M.A. in French from the University of Houston and a B.A. in French from Nicholls State University. Previously, Georges managed the Teaching and Learning Center at Lone Star College-CyFair, where he was responsible for adjunct training, technology workshops, mobile device management, and LMS trainings and support. An award-winning teacher and trainer, Georges was knighted by the Republic of France as a Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques.

Faculty Teaching Fellows

Each college also has a Faculty Teaching Fellow who serves as a liaison between the CTLE and respective colleges and departments. Our current fellows include:

Dr. Zishang (Cathy) Liu (Davies College of Business)
Dr. Yuan Yuan (Connie) Kang (College of Sciences and Technology) 
Dr. Nina Barbieri (College of Public Service)
Dr. Susan Henney (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) ​

Advisory BoardAdvisoryBoard.pdf

Chair: Bill Waller (Associate Dean, UC)

Elizabeth Hatfield (CHSS)
Lori Lovins (CPS)
Johanna Schmertz (CHSS)
Benjamin Soibam (CST)
Eszter Trufan (CST) 
Adriana Visbal (Chair, Course Innovation Subcommittee)
Hsiao-Ming Wang (Faculty Senate President)

Professional Staff: 
Greg Dement (CTLE Director)
Georges Detiveaux (CTLE Assistant Director, Chair, Online Subcommittee)
Pat Ensor (Executive Director, W.I. Dykes Library)
John Lane (Director, Technology Learning Services)
Sedef Smith (Executive Director, COB Office of Instructional Excellence) 

Course Innovation Subcommittee CourseInnovationSubcommittee.pdf

Chair: Adriana Visbal (CST) 

Ashley Archiopoli (CHSS)  
Scott Davis (DCOB)
Isaac Elking (DCOB)
Krista Gehring (CPS)
Dagmar Scharold (CHSS)
Michael Tobin (CST) 
Stephen Wernet (CPS) 

Professional Staff: 
Greg Dement (CTLE Director) 
Megan Hopwood (Library) 

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Subcommittee HIPsSubCommittee.pdf

Chair: TBD

Franklin Allaire (CPS)
Nina Barbieri (CPS)
Prakash Deo (DCOB)
Sarah Heinlein (CST)
Connie Kang (CST)
Tim Klein (CHSS)
Creshema Murray (CHSS)

Professional Staff: 
Lea Campbell (Director of Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness)
Justin Burton (UC)
Greg Dement (CTLE Director)
Pat Ensor (Executive Director, W.I. Dykes Library)
Samuel Santos (Dean of Students)
Carol Tucker (Director, Institutional Research) 
Poonam Gulati (Director, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning) 

Online Subcommittee OnlineSubcommittee.pdf

Chair: Georges Detiveaux (CTLE)

Stephanie Babb (CHSS)
Linda Dune (CST)
Matthew Fugate (CPS)
Aaron Gillette (CHSS)
Karen Kaser (UC)
Shahnaz Savani (CPS)
Sanghamitra Saha (CST) 
Dietrich von Biedenfeld (DCOB) 

Professional Staff: 
Greg Dement (CTLE Director)
Pat Ensor (Executive Director, W.I. Dykes Library)
Justin Head (W. I. Dykes Library) 
John Lane (Director, Technology Learning Services)
Louis Evans (Executive Director, Distance Education) 
Sedef Smith (Executive Director, COB Office of Instructional Excellence)

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