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OCDI: Online Course Development Initiative

The Online Course Development Initiative (OCDI) is for the creation of new online undergraduate courses or revision of existin​g courses. Priority scoring will be given to applications for courses that, when added to the current online offerings, will lead to new opportunities for students to complete a given degree online. Courses created as part of this initiative are meant to be shared with other instructors so that the maximum number of students can benefit from the design. Faculty applicants may include colleagues in their course development project, but the award is per course.

Focus: The theme of this year's OCDI is Information Literacy & Resource Evaluation: Creating a Critical Community of Inquiry in Online Courses. We seek to help faculty create courses where students learn to evaluate and integrate sources properly in their writing and research. We invite faculty whose courses feature opportunities for learners to demonstrate critical thinki​ng and academic source evaluation through in-depth discussions and debates, lab reports, and/or research papers. Applications to design or re-design courses with any combination of the following features embedded in the course via instructor-created videos, modules, activities, and assessments will be given priority:

  • the inclusion of sources from multiple perspectives (various theoretical interpretations, for example)
  • awareness and avoidance of common logical fallacies (ex.: confirmation bias) 
  • identification of reputable (academic) sources (peer-reviewed journals, etc.) 
  • awareness of library resources and how to tackle a research prompt (steps & databases to consult) 
  • integration of sources into one's work (quotations, paraphrasing, etc.) to further ideas and balances of sources/citations with original writing 
  • library instruction sessions and/or integration of library online learning modules (resource evaluation, using databases, citation style modules, etc.)  
  • group research projects, reports, discussions, and/or debates (especially those that evaluate pros and cons of an argument)
  • process writing and research skills for writing-intensive courses (where these skills are heavily integrated into the course) 

Amount: $4,000, to be awarded in stages throughout the project. Projected stipend payment dates are subject to change due to administrative workflow.

Duration of initiative: This is primarily a spring/summer initiative, with applications submitted and selected in the spring, professional development done in spring and early summer, work on course development done in the summer, and a finished product ready to go for the fall (the fall offering will be reviewed for the final portion of initiative funds). New course must be taught by the awardee in the fall semester of the initiative's cycle.

For more information and to apply, please see the current call for applications​. ​​

Last updated 7/1/2021 5:32 AM