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Carolyn  Gascoigne, Associate Dean of University College

Carolyn Gascoigne

Associate Dean of University College

Office: S655

​​Dr. Gascoigne's teaching and research interests center on the second language acquisition process among adult learners as well as practical applications of second language acquisition research to language teaching and learning. This includes research into the acquisition of various language features among adult second language learners, the second language reading process, and second language writing. She has also studied student persistence and retention in both second language programs and among university students in general.

Michigan State University              BA Economics                                  1991

Bowling Green State Univ              MA French                                       1993

Florida State University                  PhD French Linguistics                    1997

​No classes taught at UND to date. She has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in French, applied linguistics, education, and English.

Sample of Publications

Bloom, Melanie and Gascoigne, Carolyn (Eds.) Creating Experiential Learning Opportunities for Language Learners. Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters, 2017.

Gascoigne, Carolyn (Ed). Assessing the Impact of Input Enhancement in Second Language Education. Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press, 2007.

Gascoigne, Carolyn. The Debate over Grammar in Second Language Acquisition: Past, Present, and Future. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2002.

Gascoigne Lally, Carolyn (Ed). Foreign Language Program Articulation: Current Practice and Future Prospects. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2001.
Gascoigne, Carolyn and Juliette Parnell. "Cultivating Comfort and Interest in Online L2 Reading: A Course Case Study." TFLA Journal 63.1 (2019) 10-17.

Gascoigne, Carolyn and Juliette Parnell. "Returning to Reading: An Online Course in French offers a Snapshot of L2 Reading Habits and Trends" The Reading Matrix 16.2 (2016) 37-47.

Gascoigne, Carolyn. "Externship Opportunities in French: A Response to Changing Student Interest" Synergy Journal 12.2 (2016) 398-407.

Gascoigne, Carolyn. "The Elephant in the Room, Or the Foreign Language Persistence Problem" ADFL Bulletin 44.1 (2016) 19-26.

Gascoigne, Carolyn. "Exploring Homework Completion and Non-Completion in Post-Secondary Language Study." Dimension (2015): 51-62.


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Peter Kiewit Professorship for Excellence in Teaching and Research 2007-2013.

American Association of Teachers of French-Nebraska (NAATF) Teacher of the Year 2005-2006.

UNO Excellence in Teaching Award. Spring 2005. University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award in the Humanities. Spring 2005. College of Arts and Sciences. University of Nebraska at Omaha.

STAR Award. June 1999. Nebraska Department of Education.

Edouard Morot-Sir Pedagogical Prize for the "best article of a pedagogical nature to appear in the French Review" (1997-1998).

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