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Schedule an Appointment with your Success Advisor   ​

​UHD is committed to enhancing your college experience. That's why we're launching Navigate, a user-friendly advising tool to get you the information you need when you need it!

Where do I go? You can log into the desktop version to access this application online or use the following below:

Technical Questions?
Forgot your password?
Please email the IT help desk:

Login to NAVIGATE​ then process with the steps below

UHD Guide to "Navigating Navigate" for Appointments

Step 1: Select “Appointments” icon.

 Screenshot of the navigation left-hand navigation

Step 2: Click on “Schedule an Appointment.”

Schedule a Appointment Screenshot

Step 3: Click on "Select."

Next click Select Screenshot

Step 3.2: Select the type of appointment you would like to schedule.

Select the type of appointment Screenshot

Click on “Answer Next Question.”

Answer Next Question Screenshot

Step 3.3: "Select an option" from the list.

Apointment scheudling Screenshot

Once selected, click on “Done for Reason.”

Click Done for Reason Screenshot
(Please review your center and reason before continuing next step)
Review Center and Reason before continuing Screenshot

Step 4: Click on Select, next choose the advising center and person you would like to see. If you do not see your advising center listed, contact them directly.

Location and Staff for Appointment Scheduling Screenshot
(ATTENTION: selection options may vary based on your major.)
Who would you like to meet with? Screenshot

(Please review your Location and Staff before continuing next step)

Step 5: Select a date and time for your appointment from the available options.

Time Available for Appointment Scheduling Screenshot

(ATTENTION: Appointment selection options may vary based on your major and center. Walk-in times may appear as a list option, no appointment necessary)

Step 6: Review your selections before confirming.

  • Add comment(s) for advisor below, if needed.
  • You may activate email/text reminders.
  • Add phone number if text message option is desired.

Academic Planning Confirmation Screenshot  

​Step 7: Confirm appointment to save your appointment next you will see a confirmation followed by a confirmation email or text:
Confirm Appointment Screenshot
Appointment Confirmed and Scheduled Screenshot

Last updated 8/23/2021 3:27 AM