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​​Prospective/Transfer Advising
Destiny Anderson,​ Prospective Student Advisor
Prospective Students
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Destiny Anderson

FAQs for Prospective/Transfer Advising​​

1.     What is a Prospective Advisor?

  • The Prospective Advisor provides information and counsel to students regarding pathways to maximize their high school and college experiences to transition to UHD academic programs.

2.     When should I see a Prospective Advisor?

  • You can see a Prospective Advisor any time before applying to UHD.

3.     As a Future Gator how can I know which credits will transfer to UHD?

4.     Will a grade of "D" transfer?

  • A grade of "D" will transfer to UHD; however each college program has their own prerequisite requirements. Please speak with a prospective advisor for more information.

5.     Do I need an Associates (AS/AA) or Applied Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree to transfer to UHD?

  • An AAS degree is required for the B.A.A.S Applied Administration Degree and an Associate Degree is required for the Saturday-Only BBA in General Business Degree. All other undergraduate degrees do not require an Associate or AAS to declare in their program.

6.     Do I have to make an appointment to speak with a Prospective Advisor?

7.     What if I'm pursing an Online Only degree? How can I speak with a Prospective Advisor? 

8.     Will my GPA transfer to UHD and College Program?

  • Once admitted to UHD you will start with a zero GPA; however each college program have their own requirements and could review your transfer GPA to determine eligibility.

9.    What courses are being offered in the upcoming semester?

10.  What's next after I apply and get admitted to UHD?

  • Once admitted to UHD, you will receive an email request to sign up for one of our mandatory Freshman/Transfer orientation sessions.  Dates will be determined.

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