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Academic Advising Center Banner with student on the Main St. Bridge Downtown Houston

​Advising is all about building relationship for students to succeed with their academic goals.  ​
We recommend that all freshmen students meet with their assigned advisor at least three times during the semester.  Listed below are suggested items to be discussed during each session.​​

First Advising Session

Adjusting to College Life
Discuss your class experiences:
Advisor/Advisee responsibilities
Review core curriculum
Discuss developmental courses if applicable
CAPP/Degree Audit
Student responsibilities
Schedule 2nd Advising Session

Second Advising Session

Review grades (tests, homework, exams, quizzes)
Tutorial Services available on campus
Meeting with professor about progress in course
Review academic calendar for important dates 
Preparation for next semester
Major Interest and Career Option
Next semester courses
Registration Approval
Student responsibility to complete courses
Schedule courses based on availability
Schedule 3rd Advising Session​​

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