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Letter from the Dean

Dean of University College - Dr. C.Birchak, Ph.D."Welcome! As the largest of UHD’s five colleges, University College consistently has the most students on the Deans’ List. I hope to see your name on this honor roll for academic achievement. It is posted outside the Dean’s Office, room 655-South, in the One Main Building. Also, I enjoy the opportunity to send a letter of congratulations to each of you so recognized.

From your coursework at UHD, you acquire a breadth of knowledge that enables you to make the interdisciplinary connections characteristic of critical thinkers. This ability reinforces your skill in learning how to learn, a necessary trait in this rapidly changing society. As you explore your options and complete the curriculum, you expand your opportunities.

What brings students to a university? Like you, they have a desire to earn a baccalaureate degree as one step toward fulfilling a personal goal. Perhaps it’s owning your own business, going on to graduate school, entering the medical field or becoming a teacher. University College seeks to provide you the information, support and academic resources needed to achieve your educational objectives.
Beginning with your first semester at UHD, you have an opportunity to work with outstanding, doctorally-prepared professors. You won’t find yourself in a huge lecture room with 300 or so fellow students or in a class taught by a student teaching assistant. Several semesters ago, I was talking with a group of students concerning what they liked best about UHD. Many of their ideas were familiar-small classes, convenient scheduling and diversity. For me, the most memorable comment was by a student who said, “It’s a place where my name is known.”

Help us in University College get to know your name. We are eager to introduce you to the multiple resources at UHD, to share with you strategies for student success and to support a smooth transition into higher education and beyond. Once you receive your baccalaureate degree, you’ll be equipped to thrive in a complex world and to become a contributing member of the global community."

Dr. C. Birchak, Dean - University College

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Last updated 5/15/2018 3:08 AM