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    Resources and Intructions for Schooling Online

Three Freshmen apart of the Connection Mentoring Program awaiting their Connection's Field Trip​


University College collaborates with internal and external partners to help students engage, learn, persist, and succeed through innovative curricular and co-curricular programs. The College supports the University's ongoing evolution as a vibrant teaching and learning institution through faculty development, student-enrichment activities, community-strengthening initiatives promoting academic excellence, transition programs, and interdisciplinary degrees.


Facilitating transformative teaching and learning experiences, University College serves as a catalyst for educational innovation that fosters a supportive infrastructure enabling students to thrive in higher education. Dedicated to academic excellence and equitable access to education, the College coordinates interdisciplinary programs committed to creative problem-solving, experiential learning, and global citizenship. As a consequence, University College will be fully engaged in the national dialogue on student success and in contributing to its direction.


Last updated 5/2/2019 12:25 PM