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Strategic Planning Group Agenda

​Scholars Academy Strategic Planning Group 2017-2022

Facilitator: Dr. Barbara Polnick, Sam Houston State University

Day 1: 9:00am – 2:00pm

9:15 Introductions (10-15 min)

9:45 University and College of Science and Technology Goals; National/State Needs (30 min)

10:15 Scholars Academy –Background/History of Successes/Challenges (30 min)

10:45 SWOT Analyses (by tables)  (30 min)

11:15 Gallery walk of SWOTs (use stickers here for prioritizing) (20-30 min)

11:45 Working Lunch & Break

12:45 Mission: Revisit and Rethink (30 min)

  • For undergraduates- student success, mentored research experiences on/off campus, preparation for next workforce/career steps
  • For college- modeling for College of Sciences and Technology​ support areas of success
  • For university- student success, graduation pace/rates, and advanced post-bacc
  • Size and impact issues

1:15 Mission Breakout (20-30 min)

1:45 Meeting Ends-Day 1

Day 2: 9:00am - Noon

9:00 Goals and the Big Picture(20-30 min)

9:30 Goals (Breakout)  (30-40 min)

10:15 Gallery walk of goals (15-20 min)  (stickers prioritizing)

10:40 Summary and Next Steps (30 min)

11:30 Lunch

Noon Meeting Ends – Day 2

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