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Natural Sciences Minors


Minors require a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all applied coursework. Upper-level courses applied to a minor must have a grade of C or better. Minors must be distinct from any declared degree and degree concentration. Students may bring 3-4 hours of upper-level credit from another institution, but the balance of upper-level credits (depending upon minor) must be taken at UHD. Credit for directed studies, field experiences, honors thesis and undergraduate research cannot apply.


Required Courses:

BIOL 1301/1101 General Genetics and Lab
BIOL 3303/3103General Genetics and Lab
CHEM 1307/1107General Chemistry I with Lab
CHEM 1308/1108General Chemistry II with Lab
CS 1410Introduction to Computer Science
CS 2410Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 3304Data and Information Structures
CS 4318Database Systems

Two courses from:

CS 4328Parallel Computing
CS 4319Data Mining and Warehouses
any approved upper-level CS courses

Note: All hours counted toward the minor must be passed with “C” or better. At least 6 hours of upper-level course work in the minor must be completed at the University of Houston-Downtown. Students majoring in an area of the natural sciences, computer science or mathematics should choose courses in consultation with their academic advisor.

MINOR IN BIOLOGY (22 hours minimum)

  • 22 hours of biology with only eight hours at the lower level
  • Must include a minimum of four three-contact hour laboratory courses

MINOR IN CHEMISTRY (21 hours minimum)

Required courses:

CHEM 1307/1107General Chemistry I
CHEM 1308/1108General Chemistry II
CHEM 3301/3201Organic Chemistry

Note: Must include an additional eight hours of upper-level courses in chemistry.


Required courses:

BIOL3302/3102General Ecology
BIOL/CHEM/GEOL 4260Environmental Laboratory and Field Studies

Two courses from:

BIOL 4360Environmental Biology
CHEM 3320Environmental Chemistry
GEOL 3303Environmental Geology
MBIO 3340Environmental Microbiology

One course from Species Identification Lab courses:

BIOL 3310/3110Plant Identification and Lab
BIOL 3340/3140Biology of Fungi and Lab
BIOL 4390/4190Special Topics - Vertebrate Natural History

One course from:

CHEM 3310/3110Quantitative Analysis and Lab
GEOL 3340Inorganic Geochemistry

One course from:

BA 3303Global Environmental Issues in Business
ENGL 3329Environmental Writing
PHIL 3320Environmental Ethics

MINOR IN GEOLOGY (20 hours minimum)

Required courses:

GEOL 1305/1105Physical Geology and Lab
GEOL 1306/1106Historical Geology and Lab

Note: Must include 12 hours of upper-level courses in geology.

MINOR IN MICROBIOLOGY (20 hours minimum)

Required courses:

BIOL 1301/1101General Biology I
BIOL 1302/1102General Biology II
MBIO 2305/2105General Microbiology

Note: Must include eight hours of upper-level courses in microbiology.

MINOR IN APPLIED PHYSICS (20 hours minimum)

Required courses:

PHYS 2401/2101Physics I and Lab
PHYS 2402/2102Physics II and Lab

Note: Must include three upper-level courses in physics.

MINOR IN SUSTAINABILITY (18 hours minimum)

Required courses:

SUST 3302
Fundamentals of Sustainability
SUST 4301
Seminar in Sustainability
SUST 4302
Capstone Experience in Sustainability
(or a capstone experience course with a focus in sustainability)

Note: Must complete three additional courses one from each category: Environmental Science Fundamentals (3 hours), Social and Ethical Considerations (3 hours), Technological/Business Components (3 hours).


Students may focus secondarily to their major degree plan in another discipline to earn a Minor in Bioinformatics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Physics, or Microbiology. Multiple minors can be obtained (see an academic advisor in the CST Advising Center ). No upper-level courses with grades of D will be counted. No transfer credits with grades of D will be counted. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in courses applied to the minor. Upper-level courses must be taken at UHD. Credit for directed studies, field experiences, honors thesis, and undergraduate research cannot apply.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the CST Advising Center.

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