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NS Faculty - Sam Sen

Dr Sen

Sam Sen


Office: N615

Professor Sam Sen is deeply passionate about science and he strongly believes in treating each and every student as a unique individual. He has also found that he cares for each and every one of his students and their individuality. It is this aspect that makes each class a one-of-a-kind experience  – even across different semesters. 

Professor Sen's areas of focus are in Geology (Earth Science and Environmental Studies), Physical Sciences, Oceanography, and Meteorology. Part and parcel of his teaching philosophy is, to the extent possible, utilize face-to-face opportunities and new technology to engage with each student so that he can better understand their journey to get to his classrooms and in the process be better able to understand their preferred learning styles and to more effectively participate in their learning process through the courses he teaches.  

Carleton University, Canada (BSc Hons in Geology)

University of Calgary (Graduate Studies in Geology)

Warwick Business School/Wolsey Hall, Oxford, MBA (Strategic Analysis, International Business)

​NS 1300 Emergence of Modern Science
NS 3310 Physical Science
NS 3311 Earth Science and Environmental Studies
NS 1304 Introduction to Meteorology
NS 1345 Oceanography
GEOL 1304
GEOL 1345

​Professor Sen comes to UHD with deep experience in working with academia as well as industry. He has worked in senior geologist capacities ranging from regional exploration to close-in development teams in prolific offshore and onshore geologic basins. Professor Sen has held positions with the highest degree of internal and outward-facing responsibility and accountability both domestically and internationally and is experienced in fit-for-purpose, solution-driven, client-customized, design and execution of business development plans resulting in value delivery. He has been recognized with strong leadership skills while being a consummate team player and with proven ability to globally reach all levels of stakeholders (academia, NGOs and industry players) in building winning partnerships and corporate success.
Professor Sen is passionate about teaching and is highly-driven by his genuine caring for his students. He comes to UHD with a strong history of being a diplomatic, culturally-aware, global oil and gas executive and recognized leader in the industry. Professor Sen has a strong global knowledge of geologic basins and systems as well as extensive experience in exploration and production, business and project management as well as deal delivery experience in negotiations, commercial analysis, development and implementation of strategic leadership programs worldwide. Professor Sen has a strong track record in technical leadership in the discovery of gross onshore reserves of greater than 200 million barrels of oil equivalent. He has a BSc. (Honors in Geology), graduate studies in Geology and MBA (Strategic Analysis/International Business). He is a strong brand ambassador with exceptional skills in communication, presentation, decision-making, innovative negotiation and deal delivery. He has traveled to over 60 countries and speaks over 5 languages. He also has extensive teaching/instruction experience to government officials and industry executives in corporate settings as well as in academia.


Recipient UHD's "Outstanding Adjunct Professor of the Year" Award (2018-19).

Online Teaching Certification (UHD).

Member on a team which transacted the "Deal of the Year" in 2000 for the oil and gas industry worldwide ($6 billion acquisition of Union Pacific Resources).

President, Chief Operating Officer of a startup that negotiated and competitively-bid capture of oil and gas deals in Argentina (Oil and Gas Financial Journal, Dec. 2006).

Research and Academic Interests

I love people in general and I love science! I have always been drawn to Earth Science (geology, oceanography, astronomy/cosmology and meteorology) as well as Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics). I also like to supplement these interests with a deep interest in Philosophy (towards modifying our thought process to make our learning process more effective). 

First and foremost, I am passionate about teaching. Yes, I teach content to my students but most of all, I get to participate in the learning experience by engaging and getting to know my students each semester. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to have already met so many amazing and interesting human beings (disguised as students). One of my tenets is to, wherever possible, to practice genuine engagement with my students. By getting to know my students better I believe I can be more effective in my role as an instructor. I look at each and every student as a unique, difference-making individual not just in my class but in the world. It is normal for an instructor to have 4 contact hours a week with his/her students. It is exciting for me and a privilege to better understand how they are being shaped in the other 164 hours of the week so that I can customize my courses to create the best learning environment them for individually and collectively.


  1. Teaching Circle Final Report June 30, 2018 (Team Lead) 2018: "Utilizing Technology to Increase Student Engagement and Learning".
  2. CST TeachIn Lunch Series: "Avoiding Roadblocks When Going Online", Course Entry Engagement. Presenter. 2018.
  3. "Instructor Presence in Online Teaching for Science Courses". ePoster Presenter.  UHD Teaching and Learning Symposium. 2018.
  4. OGIS Small Cap Conference, Speaker (President, COO of Pluris Energy).
  5. Speaker at various industry conferences worldwide.
  6. Numerous presentations to the financial community, private equity firms, banking institutions.

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