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NS Faculty - Sujata Krishna

Sujata Krishna


Office: N651

I grew up in India fascinated by the Universe and decided to study Physics.  I was lucky to obtain a scholarship to Oxford University, where I read for my Ph.D. degree by doing experimental and computer simulation work in Materials Science. After that, I worked at University Edinburgh, Cambridge University, Leeds and Staffordshire Universities prior to arriving in Houston, TX. Here I worked at Rice University and was teaching  Math as an adjunct at UHD prior to becoming full-time faculty at UHD in Physics.  

  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Materials Science, University of Oxford, England (1994)
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Physics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India (1990)
  • ​Bachelor of Science (BSc Honors) in Physics, Banaras Hindu University, India (1988)​

​​I have taught General Physics I & II and associated Lab courses. I have also taught Calculus-based Physics and associated Labs in Natural Sciences. Additionally, I have taught College Algebra and Calculus in the Math Department. I have also developed an Online General Physics I course. 

I am interested in the teaching & learning of physics, math, and computation. I am also interested in mentoring and professional development of students. These days I carry out mainly pedagogical research studying the impact of various types of interventions, e.g. small-group problem-solving in physics, Public forum Deliberation on Science-related policy as a teaching tool, and best practices in online teaching of Physics.


  1. Presented at 'Teach Lunch' to Natural Science Faculty, Oct 2016
  2. Presented at 'Teaching Circle kick-off', Oct 2016
  3. Presented at 'UHD Teaching and Learning Symposium', Dec 2016.


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Research Interest 

I am interested in teaching and research in the area of condensed matter physics. I obtained a Ph.D. in Material Science which involved High-Resolution Electron Microscopy and Computer Simulation work to study the Grain Boundaries in Gallium Arsenide. This was followed by a postdoctoral stint at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in parallel computing, working on the Computational Grand Challenge in Colloidal Hydrodynamics.

I am also interested in the teaching and learning of Mathematics, Physics, Computational Skills and in Professional Development. I spent a year and a half at Rice University developing a course in professional skills for graduate students in Bioinformatics. Each year I run some professional skills workshop for UHD undergrads in addition to my work as a lecturer.

My latest project is to run a fully-online General Physics course at UHD. This will be the first physics course at UHD to be offered online.


  • Professional Development Grant for Online Education from Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence at UHD to obtain the Online Learning Consortium's Online Teaching Certification ( completed Jly 2016)
  • Freshman Seminar Certification, Centre for Teaching & Learning, University of Houston-  Downtown, Houston (2014)
  • Udacity Courses: Building a Search Engine in Python, Programming Languages, Statistics 101.
  • Member, Higher Education Academy, UK, 2002 -; Radhakrishnan Scholarship to Oxford University, 1990-93;
  • National Merit Scholarship, University Grants Commission, Govt of India, 1988-90.
  • Awarded Professional Development Grant for OLC 'Online Teaching Certification'. (Summer 2016)
  • Awarded High Impact Practices (HIPS) award for small-group work sessions in General Physics I.

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