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NS Faculty - Song Ge

Song Ge

Assistant Professor & Assistant Director of Bachelor Science in Nursing

Office: N810

Song Ge is a Registered Nurse, a Community Health Worker, and a Community Health Worker Instructor in Texas, US. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honor from Emory University in 2013 and a Ph.D. in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University in 2018. Song Ge was a visiting faculty at Towson University Department of Nursing in 2016. Since Fall 2018, she has served as an Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD). At the university, she is a member of the Protection of Human Rights Committee, Community Engagement and Service-Learning Committee, Funded Faculty Leave Committee, and Organized Research Committee. She also serves as an editor of the UHD Nursing Newsletter. Song Ge was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing-Beta Beta Chapter (Houston) as a Community Leader and joined its research committee in 2021. Song Ge enjoys doing research and community projects involving students and has published 19 publications with 264 Google Scholar citations. She is an invited editorial board member of Frontiers in Health Services and The Open Public Health Journal and a reviewer of several peer-reviewed journals. She received The Excellent Reviewer Award from the International Journal of Nursing Sciences in 2018.​

  • ​B.S., Emory University 2013
  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University 2018​

  • NURS 4330 Basic Concept in Nursing Research
  • NURS 4320 Community Care
  • NURS 4210 Information Management and Health Informatics 

Current Grants and Awards:

2022     Support to attend the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity Faculty Success Program, UHD

2022     SynergIE Professorship Award of $3,500, UHD

2021     Faculty Development Grant of $1,200, UHD

2021     SynergIE Professorship Award of $3,200, UHD

2020     Grant for online course development, UHD

2019      Excellent reviewer of the year from the International Journal of Nursing Sciences

2019      Organized Research and Creative Activities Committee Award of $7,244, UHD

2019      Near Northside Grant of $2,500, UHD

2018      Grant of $2,000 for attending Online Teaching Certificate Program, UHD

2018       Startup Grant of $10,000, UHD

Peer-Reviewed Publications:
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2. Ge, S., Xi, X., & Guo, G. F. (2015). A systematic review of the impact of master's-educated nurses on inpatient care. International Journal of Nursing Sciences, 2(4), 414-421.

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19. Ge, S., Liu, T., Dune, L., & Li, J. (2021). The Development and Impact of Adopting Electronic Health Record in the United States: What the Implications are for Chinese Hospitals. Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice, 1 (3).

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