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NS Faculty - Jon M. Aoki

Jon M. Aoki photo

Jon M. Aoki

Associate Professor

Office: N614A

Dr. Aoki’s area of expertise is in science and health education. Currently, he is exploring literacy in science, health, physical, and food. In addition, Dr. Aoki continues to investigate dietary and physical activity habits in adults.​

  • Doctor of Education​, University of Houston, 2003
  • Master of Art, California State University, Fresno, 1995
  • Bachelor of Art, California State University, Fresno, 1987​

NS 3312 (Life Science Studies)
NS 6311 (Selected Topics In Life Science)


  • National Science Foundation.  The UHD Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program. PI Designee: Jon Aoki. Amount: $889,010.  Duration: 12/15/2017-Present.  Award No: 0934913
  • National Science Foundation.  The UHD Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program. PI: Larry Spears, Co-PIs: Akif Uzman , Anjoo Sikka, Bradley Hoge, Jon Aoki. Amount: $889,010.  Duration: 10/1/2009-9/30/2014.  Award No: 0934913
  • UHD Camp STEM Prep 2011. 2011. Texas Workforce Commission Summer Merit Program. PI: Mary Jo Parker, Co-PIs: Jon Aoki, Mian Jiang, Rachna Sadana, & Mitsue Nakamura. Amount: $100,000. Duration: one year. Award No: 2811WSW000.
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "Watershed Wonders:  Environmental Camp"; PI: Mary Jo Parker, Co-PIs: Bradley Hoge, Mian Jiang, Poonam Gulati, Jon Aoki. Amount: $99,887. Duration: 09/01/2013-08/30/2015.
  • Camp STEM Prep 2015. Texas Workforce Commission's Governors Summer Merit Program 2015. PI: Parker, Co-PIs: Sadana, Jiang, Aoki, Nakamura. Amount: $99,960. Duration: one year.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Aoki, J.M. (2017). Pre-Service Teachers' Concept of Healthy Eating and Physical Fitness. The International Journal of Health, Wellness, and Society, 7 (4), 85-103.
  • Aoki, J. M. (2008). The Construction of a Wooden Box Trap and Handling Bag Designed for Yellow-Bellied Marmots (Marmota flaviventris).  Wildlife Biology in Practice, 4(2), 88-93.
  • Aoki, J.M. (2008). Integrating E-Learning into an Introductory Non- Major Biology Course.  Texas Science Teacher, 37(2), 20-27. 
  • Aoki, J.M., Foster, A.S., & Ramsey, J.M.. (2005). Inquiry perceptions held by responding greater Houston-area science supervisors.  The Texas Science Teacher, 34 (2), 17-22.
  • Hoge, B., Aoki, J., and Beebe, R. (2015). The Challenges of Designing Degree Plans for Noyce Teaching Candidates: The Value of Curriculum Mapping. Journal of Modern Education, Volume 5 (9), 821-825.
  • Hoge, B., Aoki, J., and Beebe, R. (in press). It's Time for RBL: A New Paradigm for Research-Based Learning. Global Education Review.

Teaching Certifications

  • Lifetime Teaching Credential, Secondary Science Composite (grades 6-12) - State of Texas
  • Credential, Single Subject Professional for Life Science – State of California
  • Advanced Placement Biology
  • Pre-Advanced Placement Biology
  • Gifted and Talented Education

Dr. Aoki is involved in the Texas Education Agency Proclamations. Also, he has served as an Associate Editor for The International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society. Dr. Aoki performed in various capacities in the CCRI Partnership Initiative.

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