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MS Faculty - Mitsue Nakamura

Nakamura's photograph

Mitsue Nakamura


Office: S732
713-221- 8556

​Mitsue Nakamura is a lecturer of Mathematics at the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD).  For the past 29 years.  Her research area is in division algebras, in particular Octonions, quantum logic, and operator algebras.  She has been involved in the Peer-Led Team Learning Project at UHD as a faculty coordinator and advisor. She serves as a board member and the treasurer for the Peer-Led Team Learning International Society. She also serves as a secretary for the Phi Kappa Phi UHD Chapter. She is also a mentoring coordinator for the UHD Scholars Academy, a competitive scholarship program to support students in STEM fields.


M.S. in Mathematics, University of Houston

B.S. in Mathematics, University of Houston

  • Math 3322 Math Concepts II, 
  • Math 3321 Math Concepts I, 
  • Math 3313 Mathematics topics for Secondary Teachers, 
  • Math 3312 Set Theory, 
  • Math 3306 Introduction to Modern Algebra, 
  • Math 3303 Geometry for Teachers, 
  • Math 2407 Linear Algebra, 
  • Math 2405 Discrete Mathematics, 
  • Math 2402 Calculus II, 
  • Math 2401 Calculus I, 
  • Math 1505 Precalculus with Trigonometry,   
  • Math 1404, Precalculus Mathematics, 
  • Math 1310 College Mathematics for Liberal Arts, 
  • Math 1306 Fundamentals of Calculus with Applications, 
  • Math 1305 Finite Mathematics with Applications, 
  • Math 1301 College Algebra, 
  • STAT 3309 Statistical Analysis for Business Applications, 
  • CSP 110N College Success Program for Scholars Academy, 
  • UHD 1303 Freshman Seminar for STEM Freshmen

Teaching Experience:

  • 1985 – 1987: Teaching Assistant in Mathematics at University of Houston
  • 1988 – Present: Mathematics Lecturer at University of Houston-Downtown
  • 1995-2006: Lead instructor for Houston RREP Program Responsibilities include training Houston PREP instructors and teaching Houston PREP students.
  • 2000-2003: Lead instructor for the HU-LINC Summer 2000 Middle School Offerings.
  • 2004-2008: Coordinator and instructor for the START INSTITUTE funded by UCSS/STEM 
  • 1999-present: Faculty advisor and coordinator for the Computer and Mathematical Sciences Collaborative Learning Community Center. Responsibilities include hiring and training the CMSCLCC tutors, developing tutoring materials, mentoring and advising scholars.
  • 1996-present: Faculty advisor and coordinator for the Center for Computational Science and Advanced Distributed Simulation Learning Center. Responsibilities include tutoring students who are taking upper-level mathematics courses, and overseeing the Shell Scholars who work as tutors.
  • 2000-present: Faculty advisor and coordinator for the Scholars Academy mentoring system.
  • 2004-present: Faculty mentor for the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP).
  • 2001-present: Advisor and coordinator for the Peer-Led Team Learning Project.
  • 2004-2008: Coordinator and instructor for the START INSTITUTE funded by UCSS/STEM.
  • 2000: Became a certified trainer for the HISD teachers who teaches gifted and talented students.

Professional Credentials: 

  • 2000-present: Member of the EdGrid Project through the Shodor Education Foundation.
  • 1998: Was a course leader for the Project STAR. Responsibilities included training HISD teachers to teach mathematics with TI82 and/or TI92 calculators and helping them to develop teaching materials that include a calculator and/or web activity. The theme of the project was an integration of mathematics, science, and technologies.
  • 2000 and 2001: Attended a one-week workshop at the Shodor Computational Science Institute in Boone, North Carolina.

Academic Interests:

  • Research area is in division algebras, in particular Quaternions, Octonions, quantum logic, and operator algebras.
  • Also interested in promoting and disseminating Peer-Led Team Learning Workshop.


Nakamura, M., Wilder, S (2012): Peer-Led Team Learning Training Workshop Style. Paper presented at Peer-Led Team Learning International Society First Annual Conference, New York, NY.

Estrera, V, Nakamura, M., Garcia, R., Spears, L. (2008): An Innovative Program in Math and Sciences for Underrepresented Minority Freshmen. Paper presented at Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Nakamura, M (2007): PLTL Spells Success in College Algebra and More at the University of Houston-Downtown. Paper presented at NYC LSAMP Urban University Conference, New York, NY

Becerra, L., Nakamura, M. (2006): College Algebra Modules. Progressions-Peer-Led Team Learning Project Newsletter, Fall 2006, Volume 8, Issue 1.


Nakamura, M. (2016):  How to become a Better Proof Writer  Presented at 5th Annual PLTLIS Conference in San Jose, CA

Beheshti, M., Nakamura, M. (2016):  Peer-led Team Learning Supporting Students in the Classroom Presented at CAHSI Summit/HENAAC Conference in Anaheim, CA

Parker M., Nakamura, M (2015): High Impact Engagement of STEM HIS Undergraduates. Presented at Gateway Course Experience Conference in Charlotte, NC

Nakamura, M. (2015):  Peer Leaders as Role Models for Freshmen to Develop Right Mindsets. Presented at 4th Annual PLTLIS Conference in Dallas, TX

Nakamura, M (2014): Peer-Led Team Learning in Freshman Seminar. Presented at Peer-Led Team Learning 3rd Annual Conference in Carson, CA

Nakamura, M, Greenlee, M., Leon, S., Perez, E. (2014): Peer-Led Team Learning. Presented at Faculty Teaching Workshop at University of Houston, Houston, TX

Sirisaengtaksin, O., Nakamura, M (2013): Peer-Led Team Learning for CS I. Presented at 2013 Hawaii University International Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii

Sirisaengtaksin, O., Nakamura, M (2013): Tools for Conducting Online CS I PLTL Workshop. Presented at Peer-Led Team Learning International Society Second Annual Conference in Houston, TX

Sirisaengtaksin, O, Nakamura, M, Dreyfuss, AE, Holtkamp, B, Wilder, S (2013): Peer-Led Team Learning in Practice.  Presented at Peer-Led Team Learning Workshop, Jackson, MS

Sirisaengtaksin, O., Nakamura, M, Gatica, E., Butterworth, M. (2010): Peer-Led Team Learning Spells Success in STEM Disciplines. Peer- Led Team Learning in Computer Science Workshop, Chicago, IL

Nakamura, M (2009): Peer-Leader Training Workshop Style/Nurturing Future Leaders. Both presented at Conference on Peer-Led Team Learning, New York, NY


  • 25 years of Service Award from the UHD in 2013
  • Outstanding Lecturer Award from the UHD in 2012


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