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MS Faculty - John Lee Dozier

John Lee Dozier

Adjunct Faculty

Office: S609

​​My educational focus has been in three discrete areas:  mathematics, English, and psychology.  Though I very much enjoy all three disciplines, mathematics has been my primary focus in my professional life.  I have taught mathematics in the public schools and on the university level, from fundamentals of algebra to calculus.  Teaching calculus has been most enjoyable to me, but I find all undergraduate mathematics very stimulating and very important.   It is most gratifying helping the students understand the concepts of mathematics and experiencing that "ah-ha" moment.


Academic interests

Helping the students understand the language and concepts of mathematics, especially algebra.  Without a fluent understanding of algebra, the student will have vague and tenuous understanding of any higher levels of mathematics.  The teacher needs to be patient with the students and guide them in language that they can comprehend and not use vocabulary or a teaching style that defeats their understanding of the mathematics.


A paper relative to my doctoral dissertation won a national award, bestowed by the Association of Teacher Educators.  At that time, 1981, I was the only one in the South to receive the award.  Doctoral dissertation:  A Study of the Relationships Among Teacher Expectancy, Students' Perception of Teacher Nonverbal Behavior, and Students' Performance In and Attitudes Toward Mathematics

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