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Bachelor of Science in Data Science

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About Data Science at UHD

Why should you consider pursuing a major in Data Science at UHD? According to the National Science Foundation, Data Science is a newly emerging discipline -- built on a foundation of mathematics, statistics and computer programming -- that promises to profoundly transform all fields of Science and Engineering while revolutionizing industries from finance and energy to healthcare and education.

  • Become part of the first undergraduate program of its kind in the state of Texas.
  • Be prepared to enter the workforce as a respected professional data scientist, with the potential for a very high salary. According to Harvard Business Review, data scientist is "… the sexiest job of the 21st century". According to the Wall Street Journal, it is "… one of the hottest corners of the high-tech labor market". According to, it is the number 1 "Best job in America".
  • Be able to work in areas such as defense, education, energy, finance, medical, natural language processing, social sciences, behavioral economics, search engines, robotics, facial and voice recognition software, neuroscience, and much more.
  • Be prepared to enter graduate school for Data Science/Analytics, Applied Mathematics/Statistics, other closely related quantitative fields (and possibly other professional master's degree programs, such as the MBA).

Learn to:

  • Collect, organize, clean, sort, combine and query large data sets.
  • Apply algorithms from mathematics, statistics, data mining, statistical and machine learning to data science projects.
  • Identify and interpret actionable information from raw data.
  • Make informed, mathematically valid and ethically sound decisions based on analysis of data.
  • Visualize and communicate results of any part of the data science pipeline effectively to a variety of audiences.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements will be posted on the 2018-2019 UHD catalog soon.

For more information, contact: The Math & Statistics Department at

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