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​SynergIE Student & Teacher Resources

Sources with asterisk (*) are accessible to UHD personnel through One Drive only.

Different Colored hands in a collage for anti-racism 

Anti-Racism Resources

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inequality being cut by scissors to be equality  

Implicit/ Unconscious Bias in Education and STEM Resources

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people holding hands

Culture Sensitivity

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person writing on a notepad next to a computer

Student Resources

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people holding on to a golbe

Trainings, Workshops, Conferences, & Webinars

Download SynergIE calendar​

**Each participant must be registered prior to date of workshop. Contact Cleopatra -​ for registration to workshops or questions pertaining to workshops. Some workshops are multiple days – please make sure you can attend most of the​ trainings. For registration to CTLE courses, please contact Dr. Greg Dement -​

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illustration of different people holding books 

Curriculum Resources

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close up on a womans face, who is wearing a mask  

COVID19 & Marginalized Communities

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collage graphic of drawn people 

Miscellaneous Information

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drawing of people wearing their gender pronouns  

LGBTQ Resources

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woman with headphones on working on a laptop 

Helpful IE Clips

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