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​SynergIE in Natural Sciences
Building Towards Inclusive Excellence in STEM​

​​ ​  Diversity in STEM Series   ​​
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​​Through a 5-year grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Department of Natural Sciences (NS) will explore new dimensions in STEM education to develop educational programs that are inclusive to all students, particularly non-traditional students (e.g., first-generation, returning adult learners, previously excluded racial& ethnic minorities, all sex and gender identities) who form the bedrock of the UHD student body.

This program is inspired by the call to Inclusive Excellence via HHMI Inclusive Excellence Initiative and the American Association of College and University’s Inclusive Excellence Commission These organizations see Inclusive excellence (IE) as a dynamic anti-racist stance whereby all members of an institution and the institutional culture recognize, foster, and require actions and outcomes that are grounded in (1) the inclusion of all individuals from all backgrounds and (2) is indistinguishable from excellence in scholarship, discovery, and innovation.

SynergIE Network chart​​

SynergIE Network Events (Click to enlarge)

We offer an array of resources for faculty and students to explore inclusive excellence, modern & emerging STEM pedagogy, and underlying historical frameworks in education that require a commitment to inclusive excellence singularly, including usefu​​l resources in racism and anti-racism.​


Family Night for new first-time in college students in the 
Department of Natural Sciences, July, 2019

To meet this challenge, the UHD Department of Natural Sciences has initiated the SynergIE Program funding from HHMI. Progress in SynergiE requires critical partners at UHD.  The university is fortunate to have an array of centers and programs intersect with building inclusive excellence in science education.  Some interactions began before HHMI funding but most have come through our mutual motivation to build towards institutional sustainability of emerging best practices in inclusive excellence brought about by inspired, imaginative faculty committed the importance of racial & social justice to the scientific enterprise. 

SynergIE Resources


​UHD faculty at AAC&U Diversity
 Conference, March, 2019

Crossroads Anti-racism Workshop
at UHD, August, 2019


Calendar of Events

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