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SynergIE in Natural Sciences
Building Towards Inclusive Excellence in STEM

Why SynergIE:

The fundamental challenge of 21st century higher education is providing access and support for an emerging student body that is fundamentally different than for whom traditional college education was designed. As a result inequities in access, success, and effective pedagogic practices have persisted and created a higher education system that does not serve and prepare modern students for the challenges of the 21st century economy and the dynamism of the sociopolitical landscape of the USA.  These inequities have disproportionally impacted students of color, low economic status, and those who are the first-generation to attend college in their families.  These equities are further amplified in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) such that representation of Latinx and African-American students in these fields is grossly under-represented in STEM professions.

The central idea of inclusive excellence is to bring about sustained changes in educational practices and structures to grow and develop excellence in education and achievement to all students no matter their economic and cultural backgrounds. This educational dynamic stance requires active attention to diversity and inclusion in science education as essential to American global competitiveness.

The Natural Sciences SynergIE Program is an exploration in developing new faculty skills to address the challenge of inclusive excellence in science education. It’s two central themes are transparency and building a dynamic, adaptive learning ecology for all students. To create this new educational paradigm, the NS SynergIE Program will provide faculty access and opportunities to explore culturally inclusive pedagogies and present best practices and structures to their colleagues across the university.

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