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CSET Minors

​Required Courses:


  • Students must complete six hours of upper-level Computer Science. The six upper-level hours must be completed at UHD. 
  • * Requirements marked with an asterisk​ must be completed at UHD.*​


The Cyber Security Minor is designed to appeal to a broad range of students, across multiple departments, in multiple colleges. All students who enroll in the minor will acquire a basic understanding of programming and a firmly grounded understanding of cyber security.


​The Engineering Technology minor is offered to provide specific engineering knowledge and skills to students pursuing degrees in other fields such business, humanities, or the sciences, and also to enhance the employment prospects of students enrolled in non-technical majors. Laboratories associated with our courses give students hands-on skills in the use of up-to-date equipment, laboratory devices, and instruments. The minor can be customized to meet the needs of the student and to complement the student’s academic background. Course requirements shall include 20 semester credit hours in Engineering Technology courses with a limit of 12 credit hours transferred from other institutions. Course grades in the Engineering Technology minor must be “C” or better. Credit for Field Experience cannot apply.

Sample Requirements for ET minor:

Sample for students pursuing the BBA, major in Purchasing & Materials Management or Bachelor of Science, major in Computer Science:


All hours counted toward the minor must be passed with “C” or better. At least 6 hours of upper-level course work in the minor must be completed at the University of Houston-Downtown.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the CST Advising Center.

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