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CSET Faculty - Kenneth Oberhoff

Dr. Kenneth Oberhoff photo

Kenneth Oberhoff

Assistant Department Chair & Associate Professor Mathematics

Office: N704-B

​Dr. Oberhoff holds a BA, MS, and Ph.D. in Mathematics. In addition, he has completed 24 hours of graduate computer science courses covering programming languages, computer logic, numerical analysis, automation, systems architecture, computational complexity and data structures.Dr. Oberhoff joined UHD in 1974 and has held the positions of faculty, assistant chair, chair, assistant dean and associate dean. Currently, he is chair of the Computer Science and Engineering Technology Department.  During these 40 years, he has taught all areas of undergraduate mathematics and many of the courses in computer science.  The Computer Science courses taught include computer literacy, programming (using Fortran, Pascal, and Ada), logic and computing machines, programming language concepts, data structures, software engineering, senior seminar and senior project.  He has over ten years of experience teaching the seminar and project courses.

​​Ph​​.D., Mathematics, University of Houston

  • ​CS 1305: Intro to Computer Technology
  • CS 4294: Senior Seminar
  • CS 4380: Field Experience in Computer Science
  • ​CS 4395: Senior Project

Graduate Coursework:

  • CSC 682-Introduction to Logic and Computing Machines
  • CSC 683 – Introduction to Numerical Systems
  • COSC 6360 – Operating Systems
  • COSC 6380 – Theory of Automation
  • COSC 6385 – Digital Computer Systems Architecture
  • COSC 6397 – Computational Complexity
  • COSC 6397 – Advanced Data Structures

Teaching Experience:

Faculty at the University of Houston-Downtown for over 40 years.

Professional Experience:

Currently the Char of the Computer Science and Engineering Technology department.


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