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Meet the Team

Dr. Lisa Morano

Dr. Lisa Morano, Professor 
Biology & Microbiology

Dr. Morano is the Director of the Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability. She is an ecologist interested in plant-microbe interactions and in questions of agro-ecology. Her research focuses on diseases of grapevines and factors that influence fruit quality and ultimately the taste of wine. She is passionate about creating sustainable systems in agriculture and protecting important ecosystems so they may continue to serve the planet.

Dr. Vassilios Tzouanas
Dr. Vassilios Tzouanas, Associate Professor
Engineering Technology

Dr. Tzouanas is a chemical engineer whose work focuses on the development and application of engineering and process technologies to solve important societal problems. His research includes process modeling, simulation and control design, and renewable energy systems. He is interested in engineering solutions to energy and sustainability issues.

Dr. Michael Tobin

Dr. Michael Tobin, Assistant Professor

Dr. Tobin is a plant physiological ecologist focusing on the uptake and transport of water through plants. His research investigates the effect of drought and biodiversity on the community dynamics of tall-grass prairie. He mentors students establishing a pocket prairie near UHD to enhance local biodiversity in this highly developed urban landscape. He is also interested in the use of native plants in residential landscaping.

Ms. Rachael Hudspeth

Ms. Rachael Hudspeth, Lecturer

Professor Hudspeth is a Lecturer in the Department of Natural Sciences and a graduate student at Baylor University. She is a botanist who studied the epidermal anatomy of mature Sarracenia alata leaves. Her current interests are stewardship and sustainability. She manifests those interests through mentoring UHD Compost Center volunteers, co-mentoring the UHD Garden and Compost Club, and volunteering at native wetlands.

Dr. Sanghamitra Saha

Dr. Sanghamitra Saha, Lecturer

Dr Saha is a Lecturer at the Dept of Natural Sciences. Her research interests are in plant-microbe interaction and phytoremediation. She advises and mentors students on sustainability related grants, and uses the resources from the garden for her research.

Dr. Liza Alonzo

Dr. Liza Alonzo, Director

Alumni Relations
Dr. Liza Alonzo is the Director of Alumni Relations.  She is a long-time supporter and advocates for sustainability efforts and projects at UHD.

Mr. Juan Martinez

Mr. Juan Martinez, Sustainability Coordinator

Mr. Juan Martinez is the Sustainability Coordinator at the CUAS. His interests include engaging students, faculty, and staff in sustainability on and off campus. He is passionate about educating students in sustainability for one day they will be the ones making decisions or contributing to decisions in their respected fields and careers. He is a graduate from the University of Oklahoma B.S. in Environmental Sustainability and Texas State University M.S. in Sustainability Studies. Personal hobbies include staying active, socializing, and farming.

Leo Hernandez

Leo Hernandez, President

UHD Garden Club, Student Organization
Leo is the President of the UHD Garden and Compost Club. His major is Biology with an aim for a minor in Sustainability. Why did he pick up gardening as a hobby? The main reason was so that he could have some fresh peppers on hand, but over time he expanded my green thumb to a variety of crops. He have found gardening to be a very relaxing and rewarding experience. In the future I would like to implement all that he learned from school and helped expand his family's business.

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