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College of Sciences & Technology

The WCA Sustainability Initiative
Request for Student Project Proposals*

*This initiative includes 1) funds to carry out a proposed project and 2) prize money

UHD's Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability (CUAS) has the vision of creating Houston citizens with the knowledge and resources to build sustainable neighborhoods throughout the city.  CUAS is committed to developing sustainable solutions and raising student awareness in order to create stable urban ecosystems, reduce carbon emissions and increase urban food production.  WCA waste management has partnered with CUAS to bring the WCA Sustainability Initiative to UHD students.

WCA Sustainability Initiative will support two research, development or demonstration projects and give cash awards to the top two projects.  Projects will be implemented in the spring and summer of 2016 and award funds will be dispersed in the middle and at the end of the project cycle.

Proposal Focus

Focus on the proposal can be any project that can improve the sustainability of UHD or the greater Houston community.  Projects should also directly or indirectly lead to the reduction of waste produced in Houston.  Projects are welcome from all colleges of the university and may focus on educational campaigns, business connections, new technologies or new UHD resources such as new UHD infrastructure, art or digital materials.

Benefits of Applying for this Initiative

  • A student or group of students (up to 3) can design a project that will create or build on sustainable practices within UHD or the larger Houston community.
  • Funds will be made available for students to carry out the project.  Funds can be used to buy materials or support student workers to carry out the project.  Projects will be funded up to $2,000.
  • Students in the top two projects will also be awarded a personal financial prize (on top of the funds to run the project).  The first prize student or team will be awarded $2,500 and second prize student or team will be awarded $2,000.
  • Students will gain experience running an independent project (with the help of a faculty mentor) and make valuable community or industry connections.

Proposal Review Process and Dates

Applicants (including all members of a team) must be full-time UHD students (12 hours) through May of 2016.  Applicants that are graduating in May must complete their project by the end of May and continuing students have until the end of July, 2016 to complete the project.

Application due date was November 2nd however we are keeping the application process open.  Applications can be emailed to or turned into the College of Science and Technology Office at UHD in N723.  Emailed applications should be sent at least one day early with a request of acknowledgement to confirm they have arrived.

Application Review Process.  Applications will be reviewed in November by faculty and staff members of the Advisory Board for the Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability CUAS along with two members of WCA.  Faculty who are on the CUAS Advisory Board and who agree to be mentors for any applications will recuse themselves during discussions of those proposals.

Mid-January 2016.  Winning teams will be given access to funds to begin projects.

End of March 2016.  Students will give presentation on project progress at the Houston WCA Office.  After this students will receive half of their prize money.

Summer 2016.  Students will have completed the project and completed a final summary report of their project results and/or accomplishments.  Once this is submitted students will get the second half of their prize money.

Link to WCA Application

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