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College of Sciences & Technology

Meet the CUAS Team

Mike Tobin

I am a plant physiological ecologist focusing on the uptake and transport of water through plants.  My research investigates the effect of drought and biodiversity on the community dynamics of tallgrass prairie.  I am also involved in creating a pocket prairie near UHD to enhance local biodiversity in this highly developed urban landscape.  I am interested in the use of native plants in residential landscaping and developing novel watering systems that promote efficient water use by plants.

Lisa Morano

I am an ecologist interested in plant microbe interactions and in questions of agro-ecology.  My research focuses on diseases of grapevines and factors that influence fruit quality and ultimately the taste of wine.  I am passionate about creating sustainable systems in agriculture and protecting important ecosystems so they may continue to serve the planet. I am involved in creating the UHD Sustainability Garden and working on new curriculum in sustainability for UHD students.

Faiza Khoja

I am an Associate Professor of Strategy and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs. I am also a Certified Sustainability Professional. My interest in business sustainability stems from the concept of ‘triple bottom line’ and their impact on communities.  I continue to pursue my interest by studying sustainable supply chain in small businesses.    

Vassilios Tzouanas

I am a chemical engineer focusing on the development and application of engineering and process automation technologies to solve important societal problems. My research includes process modeling, simulation and control design, and renewable energy systems.  I am interested in engineering solutions to energy and sustainability issues.

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