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ESPRIT de Corps

ESPRIT de Corps

Expanding STEM Professionals Roles in Teaching

What is it?

Noyce scholarships are funded by NSF/Noyce and are available to anyone with a STEM degree who wants to earn a MAT (Master’s of Arts in Teaching) and secondary STEM teacher certification. Students have the added option of taking 18 hours of graduate Mathematics or Science so that they are eligible to teach dual-credit courses at the high-school level and to teach lower-level undergraduate courses at 2- and 4- year institutions.

Who is eligible?

Applicants should satisfy the following:

  • Have an undergraduate degree in a STEM major from an accredited university;
  • U.S. citizen or national, or permanent resident alien
  • G.P.A of 2.8
  • A demonstrated interest in teaching

What does the program look like?

Students take a total of 36 hours of graduate coursework including a semester-long student teaching. Typically students take 2 years to complete this program.

What benefits does the Esprit program offer?

  • $12,000/year in scholarship money for 2 years;
  • An additional $10,000/year for each of 3 years as a paid secondary STEM teacher. This is in addition to your full-time teacher salary;
  • Support in studying for the Texas Certification Exam;
  • Online and hybrid courses
  • A strong community of other Noyce scholars teaching in the Houston-area.
  • Money to travel to professional conferences.

What is the application process?

  • First, you must be accepted into the UHD MAT with Certification Program
  • Once accepted, you will apply to the Noyce Esprit Program by:
    • Filling out the application
    • Submitting copies of official undergraduate transcripts showing your STEM major and GPA
    • Write an essay telling why you are interested in a career in secondary STEM teaching.

All materials should be submitted to

Dr. Judith Quander
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Houston-Downtown
One Main Street
Houston, Texas 77002
Or you may email them to
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Last updated 11/6/2020 5:30 AM