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Selecting a Service Site

​Below find some recommended guidelines for selecting a service site for your A+CE course. For your potential service site, consider the organization's:

  • Willingness to collaborate
    • Available for regular communication (i.e., phone calls, meeting)
    • Responsive to mutual problem solving
    • Open to meeting both student needs and agency goals
    • Ability to supervise and interact with college students
  • Agency has adequate resources to orient, train, and monitor students
    • Designated staff willing to supervise students
    • Procedures to orient and train students
    • Provides necessary space for program needs
    • Procedures to track student attendance and contributions
  • Congruence of learning and service goals
    • Interest in learning objectives of class or program
    • Flexibility in adjusting service projects to meet learning goals
  • Identification of appropriate service activities and projects
    • Clearly defines expectations for students
    • Provides direction for project implementation
    • Identify tasks appropriate to the knowledge and skills of students
  • Intercultural sensitivity of agency
    • Demonstrates culture of respect for diversity
    • Receptive to working with students of different backgrounds and abilities
    • Provides orientation to culture and traditions of agency
  • Accessibility
    • Near public transportation
    • Location is convenient for students
    • Appropriate compliance with ADA or similar statutes 
  • Liability and risk management
    • Provides information on agency's liability insurance, if applicable
    • Screens students according to agency volunteer guidelines
    • Provides safe and supervised environment for students
    • Provides training on universal precautions, if applicable
    • Provides students with procedures for crisis management

Last updated 9/8/2017 10:45 AM