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Grants & Awards

Post Award Administration

New Grants and Continuing Awards for Restricted Research

Principal InvestigatorDr. Ping Chen
DepartmentComputer & Mathematical Science
TitleComputer Security Courses
Amount of Award$50,000
Granting AgencyNSF/Computer & Information Science & Engineering
Agency CodeNSF200
Term of Award06/15/03 - 05/31/06


Principal InvestigatorDr. Kenneth S. Johnson
DepartmentNatural Sciences
TitleOptical Emission Spectrometer
Amount of Award$106,167
Granting AgencyNational Science Foundation
Agency Code
Term of Award08/01/04 - 07/31/06


Principal InvestigatorDr. Youn-Sha Chan
DepartmentComputer & Mathematical Science
TitleMathematical Modeling of Micro and Macro Behavior of Nonlinear Materials
Amount of Award$37,167
Granting AgencyU.S. Army Research Office/University of Texas-Pan American
Agency CodeDOD201/1PAU00
Term of Award01/15/05 - 01/14/06


Principal InvestigatorDr. Byron K. Christmas
DepartmentNatural Sciences
TitleAcquisition of a Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer/Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for Undergraduate Research in the Physical Sciences
Amount of Award$240,285
Granting AgencyNational Science Foundation
Agency CodeNSF520
Term of Award08/01/05 - 07/31/08


Principal InvestigatorDr. Lisa Morano
DepartmentNatural Sciences
TitleTexas Research and Education Program to Combat Pierce's Disease
Amount of Award$39,600
Granting AgencyU.S. Department of Agriculture/Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
Agency CodeAGR000/1TAES0
Term of Award04/01/05 - 03/31/06

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