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College of Public Service

MAT Curriculum & Instruction

Degree Plan

Master of Arts in Teaching in Curriculum & Instruction 

Courses Required: 36 credit hours

MAT 6310Reading in a Multicultural Classroom
MAT 6311Advanced Study of Child Development and Diversity​
MAT 6315Introduction of Educational Research
MAT 6316Advanced Methods for the Culturally Diverse Classroom
MAT 6317Classroom-Based Research, *prereq 6315
MAT 6318Technology Application for Curriculum Development & Instruction
MAT 6380Practicum in Urban Classrooms
MAT 6390Directed Study in Urban Education, *prereqs 6316, 6317 & 6318

Areas of Expertise

Students select one​ area of expertise and specify during application process:

​Course Scheduling

Courses are offered in rotations by semester on a two year planned schedule. Each semester is organized for students to enroll and complete the planned number of courses for each program. This is essential for students to follow to complete the MAT degree within two years and to increase the likelihood of courses being offered. Should a student choose to take only one course, he or she must understand it is possible that the rotation for the other course may not be offered for another full year, delaying his or her completion.

See degree plans for details of which courses are offered and assigned for each semester, depending on your program choice. Please see the graduate handbook for more details.

Transfer of Graduate Credits

No more than six hours of equivalent graduate coursework may be transferred from other accredited universities. A minimum grade of B is required in any completed courses that students wish to transfer. Petition for transfer credit is required to be submitted for review by the graduate student and approval comes from the Graduate Director and the Graduate Committee's review of the course's equivalency. Transfer credit is by permission only and is not a right of the student.

Minimum Academic Requirements

Successful completion of each course is required to remain in either program of the MAT. Students earning a D or F in any course or three C's during their program completion will be removed from the program once grades are officially posted for that semester.


Graduation is dependent on successful completion of all coursework with a minimum grade point average of 3.0, successful completion of the Capstone Project (MAT 6390 or equivalent) and an approved graduation application completed the semester prior to anticipated graduation.​

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