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The MAT is the Master of Arts in Teaching degree offered at the University of Houston-Downtown. It is a graduate degree designed to support degreed and certified teachers.The courses in this program are taught in face-to-face, online, and hybrid formats.

What is required when applying to UHD's MAT program?

All required information is submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

  • Complete the ApplyTexas online application
  • Pay $35 Graduate Application Processing Fee
  • Personal statement. Your personal statement can be included with the online application or you can submit it separately. Topic: How do you believe your educational and professional background will contribute to your success in the program?
  • Bachelor's degree or higher from an institution accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Official transcripts from all institutions previously attended including the institution where your bachelor's degree or equivalent was awarded
  • GRE Exam Scores (Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing)
  • Three (3) completed MAT Professional Recommendation Forms
  • Copy of your Texas teaching certificate(s)
  • TOEFL scores if you are a graduate of a university in which English is not the native language

Where can I get an application to the MAT program?

The application is available online at ApplyTexas ( For more information you should contact:
University of Houston-Downtown Graduate Admissions
One Main Street, Suite N325
Houston, TX 77002
Telephone: 713-221-8093
Fax: 713-221-8658

When is the application due?

The completed application and all required supplemental documents (including transcripts and official GRE scores) are due on August15th for Fall admission and start, January 19th for Spring admission and start, and May 31st for Summer admission. If you complete pieces of your application, but are missing any required supplements, your application will not be reviewed. In order to be consider the following admissions cycle, please contact graduate admissions to determine the process for applying for the following admission cycle and alert them to roll over your file and its contents for the next semester. It will not be done automatically.​

What if I am declined?

If you are not accepted to the program, consider re-taking the GRE, re-writing your philosophy statement and/or taking 6 hours of post baccalaureate (PB) courses from our graduate catalog suggestions. If these prove to be beneficial, you should contact Graduate Admissions and reapply the following semester or following year.

What if I do not meet the deadline for admissions and want to begin coursework?

You may apply for post baccalaureate status with the university. Then, you should contact the graduate advisor to determine which courses in which to enroll and register. Financial aid is not available for post bac courses.

How do I decide which courses to take and when to take them?

There are degree plans and course sequences in the College of Public Service Advising Office, as well as online. You should make an appointment with the Graduate Advisor and file a degree plan. The dgree plan is the best suggestion for a sequence of courses in order to be able to complete your degree in consecutive semesters and as quickly as possible. You must complete your degree within 6 years of admission.

How many hours are there in the MAT program?

There are 36 hours in the online MAT program.

Will I be able to get a Supervision or Mid-management certification with the MAT degree?

No, the MAT does not offer supervision courses or mid-management certification. It is focused on advancing the curricular, instructional and assessment knowledge and skills of current classroom teachers.

Do I need to be an active teacher of record to participate in the MAT program?

No, you do not have to be currently employed as a teacher of record. However, you must be a degreed and certified teacher to participate in the MAT program.

Is it possible to work on certification while I take graduate courses?

Yes, we offer a Masters of Arts in Teaching with Certification. You may apply to work on your certification in Elementary (EC-6), Elementary (4-8), and Secondary Education while taking graduate (MAT) courses.

May I enroll in the MAT program if I do not have an undergraduate degree?

No. You may not enroll in the MAT program if you do not have an undergraduate degree. You may apply, if you plan to graduate prior to the MAT admission date and admission will be contingent on the grades posted that semester. In these cases, there is a slight delay in decisions for those students while waiting on the final grades to post.

Will I have to take prerequisites before taking graduate courses?

No. But, within the graduate degree itself, there are some courses that require prerequisites of completions of other graduate courses.

How can I apply for the Cain scholarship?

You automatically apply for the Cain scholarship when you complete an application for the MAT program. Scholarship decisions are made during the registration process for each graduate student. Funding will not be granted for a course that was previously registered for in a previous semester.

Where can I find out what courses are required for each degree?

A listing of the required courses can be found on the MAT - Curriculum & Instruction web page or through a handout version from the advising office. Refer to the UHD catalog for more detailed course descriptions.

Will I be able to transfer graduate hours from another institution?

Yes, you may transfer up to 6 graduate hours from another institution, only if the courses have been taken within the last 5 years and are comparable to our MAT courses. It is best to meet with the graduate advisor to discuss transferring coursework. These courses may be transferred in at any point of your degree.

How do I request to transfer hours?

You must write a letter to the Director of the MAT Program and request to have hours transferred and the graduate advisor should be copied, as well. In the letter, you must include a copy of the original catalog description of the courses that you wish to transfer from the institution from which it was completed and the MAT courses from UHD's listing that you wish to replace. In some cases, a copy of the syllabi used will be requested.​

Will I be required to write a thesis?

No, a thesis is not a requirement of the MAT program. But, it is an option for your capstone project. You will be required to develop, test, produce, and present a project based on your extensive research that may be created in your choice of forms, such as: a grant proposal, a journal paper/publication, outline and conduct an empirical study, software development and others that can be discussed with your faculty mentor.

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