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Masters Educational Leadership

The Master of Arts in ​Teaching (MAT) degree in Curriculum & Instruction with an Educational Leadership Concentration program prepares graduates for highly-effective teaching and leading within a variety of educational settings. Program graduates will deepen their EC-12 pedagogical expertise and learn how to strategically and cohesively lead educational organizations, people, and professional learning to maximize students' academic achievement and well-being.​

ETC 5301Technology Applications for Curriculum Development
READ 5313Literacy Curriculum, Methods & Assessment in the EC-8 Classroom (including the Science of Teaching Reading)
MAT 6311
Child Development & Diversity
MAT 6315Introduction to Educational Research
MAT 6317Classroom Based Research (Preq. MAT 6315)
MAT 6390Directed Studies in Urban Education (Taken in the last semester)
EDL 5310Introduction to School Leadership
EDL 5320School, Family, & Community Engagement
EDL 5330School Law & Ethics
EDL 5340Educational Systems & Talent Management
MAT Elective IStudents must choose any existing MAT course
MAT Elective IIStudents must choose any existing MAT course

Note: The courses in this degree plan are taught using a hybrid of face-to-face and online instruction. The MAT degree program requires completion of a minimum of 36 semester credit-hours. For degree completion, a grade point average of 3.0 must be maintained. In addition, students must successfully complete a culminating Educational Leadership project (in MAT 6390) under the supervision of an appointed education professor.
This master's degree does not include initial Texas Teacher Certification or Texas Principal Certification. It does include a UHD-awarded Foundations of Educational Leadership certificate that may be recognized by partner school districts for certain teacher support positions and other role-based incentives.

Scholarship Assistance
All UHD MAT students are encouraged to apply for the Gordon and Mary Cain Graduate Academic Merit Scho​larship. This scholarship will pay for half the price of UHD MAT tuition/fees. Students can earn this scholarship more than once during the course of their MAT program.

For More Information Contact​​​

Dr. Natasha Perez
Graduate Program Director or 713-221-5761

Kory Kilgore
Assistant Director of Graduate Studies or 713-221-2714

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