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Energized for Excellence Academy, INC. Scholarship

​​Energized for Excellence Academy, Inc. a system of five charter schools in the greater Houston area, has created a scholarship designed to help support bilingual students in their teacher education program at the University of Houston-Downtown. Scholarship recipients are those seeking an EC-6 CORE Subjects with Bilingual Supplement degree. 

Note: The scholarship will help recipients complete the last two years of their EC-6 CORE Subjects with Bilingual Supplement degree (the last 45 semester credit hours of the 123 hours of the bilingual degree).


Awards are $6,000 dollars per year, per student, for two years (maximum award $12,000). Scholarship will pay tuition and fees during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Ten scholarships will be awarded per semester. ​

When a scholarship ​is awarded funds will be placed for that student at the UHD Scholarship account. The award can only be used to pay tuition and fees at UHD. 


  • ​Must be officially admitted to the Urban Education program with a minimum of 12 SCHs completed at UHD. 
  • Must have a minimum of 78 credit hours of college-level course work toward the EC-6 CORE Subjects with Bilingual Supplement degree. 
  • Must have a cumulative UHD GPA of 3.0 or higher at the time of application. Provide official copies of all the transcripts from colleges previously attended. 
  • Must have a UHD GPA of 3.0 or higher at the end of each semester to be eligible to receive this award the following semester. 
  • Must be enrolled in 12 or more credit hours each semester. Must have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, a commitment to teaching in urban schools, and community involvement. 

Requirements for Receiving the Scholarship​​

​Upon graduation, recipients are committed to work at Energized for Excellence Academy for a minimum of two years. In addition, the recipient must complete four hours of community engagement at the school twice a month during the duration of the scholarship. The community engagement hours will be completed during the fall and spring semesters. 

Important Notes​​

If a recipient drops the classes during a semester, he/she must refund the money to the Energized for Excellence, INC scholarship account. 

If a recipient upon graduation decides to seek employment somewhere else, he/she must refund the total amount of the scholarships to the Energized for Excellence, INC scholarship account. 

Application Deadline​

The scholarship applications will be due on October 9, 2020 for the Spring 2018 award. Recipients will receive notification by the fourth week of the following month. 

The Energized for Excellence INC. Scholarship committee at UHD's Department of Urban Education will review the applications. This committee will include a community representative.

Note: Previous awardees are ineligible

​Energized for Excellence Scholarship INC. Application Essay​​

​The essay must be 1000 words in a 12-point font. The Energized for Excellence Scholarship, INC committee will review your essay and ranked it for the inclusion of the following elements:

  • ​​Career objectives as they relate to bilingual education​
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Special honors and awards you may have earned
  • Leadership organizations and activities
  • Other extra-curricular activities and/or Community Service
  • Time management (please elaborate/focus on your priorities)
  • Other personal information with you would like to share. 

For more information contact: Dr. Maria Bhattacharjee at​ or 713.221.8096.

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