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TExES Certification Testing

How Do I Request Exam Approval?

How Do I Request to be Recommended for Certification?

Updated Policies for Urban Education

How Do I Request Exam Approval?

UHD's Urban Education Department offers preparation for both undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students seeking Core Subjects EC-6 with ESL Supplemental, Core Subjects EC-6 with Bilingual Supplemental, Core Subjects 4-8 with ESL Supplemental, Special Education EC-12 and Core Subjects EC-6 with ESL Supplemental, or Secondary Certifications.

We welcome students into this program and encourage you to accept the challenge as we work together in creating outstanding teachers for Houston's children. For those individuals who are ready to take a TExES Exam, listed below is a step-by-step process for registration.

Important information to know before test registration

Candidates are strongly encouraged to take only one TExES exam on each test administration date and may only register for exams related to their certification area, as designated by their degree or certification plan. Registering for incorrect tests may result in extra charges and delay the registration process.

  • There will be increased security at all test sites.
  • Candidates may be photographed and fingerprinted at the test site.
  • Candidates who do not agree to these security measures will not be allowed to test
  • A current photo ID with correct name and information (matching the candidate's TEAL and Pearson account information) will be required at the testing site. Information in individual accounts must match, or the candidate will not be allowed to test. It is the individual's responsibility to keep information updated.

Please visit TEXES Day of the Test for more information.​

TExES Retake Limit​​

Beginning September 1, 2015, candidates will be limited to four (4) attempts to retake any certification examination. The TEA Retake FAQ​ sheet will help answer many of your questions. 

To request TExES Exam approval:

  1. Complete and submit the TExES Registration Request Form for each desired exam. (Allow up to two weeks for processing.) Approval will be emailed to the address on the form.

  2. Go to Pearson VUE website to set up your testing account, register for your approved exams, and pay testing fees. Print your receipt and admission ticket for test day.

For questions or concerns, contact UHD Certification Coordinator, Dr. Teryana Lamb, at (713) 221-2722 or​.

​​ ​Undergraduate Program Test Eligibility​​​​

(Candidates must be admitted into the UHD program to be​​​​ eligible to test and can only be approved for exams related to their declared certification area.)

​BED 3307​TExES #190 BTLPT
​PD I ​TExES #160 PPR EC-12
TExES #154 ESL Supplemental
TExES #164 Bilingual Supplemental
​PD II​​TExES #291 Core Subjects EC-6
TExES #211​ Core Subjects 4-8
TExES #231 ELAR 7-12
TExES #233 History 7-12
TExES #235 Math 7-12
TExES #236 Science 7-12

How Do I Request to be Recommended for Certification?

Listed below is the recommendation for State Teacher Certification requirements, as well as a procedure to follow once individual students meet these requirements.

Recommendation for Certification Requirements:

  • Successfully complete the Department of Urban Education Teacher Preparation Program
  • Graduate (Degree must be conferred by the University)
  • Pass all required TExES exams for Certification Area
  • After you have successfully completed the Department of Urban Education Teacher Preparation Program and passed all required certification tests, wait for a follow-up email with instructions from the Certification Officer. If you haven't heard from the Certification Officer you should reach out to the Certification Officer, Dr. Lamb, for next steps. 
    • If you apply with TEA/SBEC prior to completing the program and passing all required TExES exams, your name will be removed and you will be required to contact TEA/SBEC to discuss fee transfer and/or a refund.
    • You will be required to respond to an Exit Survey before you will be able to complete the application process.

Recommendation Procedure

  • Fill out and submit the Recommendation ​Request Form.
  • Once individuals receive recommendation, he/she will receive an automated e-mail from TEA
  • Virtual teacher certificate should arrive within a few days following recommendation
For questions or concerns, contact UHD Certification Coordinator, Dr. Teryana Lamb, at (713) 221-2722 or​.

Updated Policies

​If you have completed the program and were prepared for a Generalist test then you would need to perform remediation before you can gain approval for a Core Subjects test. Therefore, you will need to contact the Certification Officer, Dr. Lamb, at to determine which remediation will best suit your individual needs in order for you to proceed with requesting test approval.

If you have been testing and currently enrolled in the program and you have gotten to your first attempt without successfully passing any of your certification test you will need remediation. 

If you have graduated and haven't received your certification (before 2015) you will need to contact the Certification Officer at to discuss your options.

Please note that a new policy was put in place to register for tests. All test registration must be submitted through the Registration Form

Also, as of August 22, 2016, you will no longer be allowed to register for more than 2 tests at a time. You must plan accordingly and only register for tests that you plan on taking within the next 2-3 weeks. 

If you have any questions about your options do not hesitate to contact Dr. Teryana Lamb, Coordinator of Education Compliance and Certification, at​ or 713-221-2722.

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