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Hazel Ruth Shanklin Memorial Scholarship

​This scholarship is designed to support one female student in the teacher education program at the University of Houston-Downtown. Specifically, the scholarship will help the recipient to purchase an electronic device as needed to support the student's education, pay for textbooks or registration at UHD. The award will be made for $600.00 once a year during the fall semester. 

The funds will be placed for the student in the University of Houston-Downtown Scholarship account. The recipient of this scholarship will have one academic year in which to spend her award.

Requirements for receiving the scholarship:

  • Be officially admitted to the Urban Education program and have a minimum of 12 SCHs completed at UHD.
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of professionalism, a commitment to teaching in urban schools, and community involvement.
  • Write an essay.
Note: The applicant needs to provide ALL her student-issued college transcripts
***Previous awardees are ineligible***

The Hazel Ruth Shanklin Application Essay

Applicants should write an essay of 500 words in length, double-spaced, and size 12 font including:

  • Career objectives as a future educator
  • Your role as a woman in community issues
  • Special honors and awards you may have earned
  • Other personal information which you would like to share
Scholarship application will be due on Tues​day, November 30 for the Fall 2021 award.

For more information contact: Dr. Maria Bhattacharjee at or 713-221-8096.

Accountability of students who receive the award:

Students who receive the award will write a letter to the Hazel Ruth Shanklin Memorial Scholarship committee giving an account of their activities and/or learning experiences related to receiving the award. The letter will be due no later than Monday May 30, 2022.

The letter should be submitted to the Hazel Ruth Shanklin Memorial Scholarship Committee in the College of Public Service, c/o Dr. Maria Bhattacharjee The letter will be with shared with the Shanklin family and used to seek additional funding for the scholarship.

Complete the Application Below

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