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National Honors, New Text Reflect Scholar’s Commitment to Special Populations of Students​

Dr. Matthew Fugate has long focused his energies as an educator and researcher to support twice-exceptional students (2e students) … or those learners who are characterized as gifted yet face learning or developmental challenges.​

Fugate’s efforts and expertise in supporting this underrepresented population recently earned national honors and were the impetus for a new book, “Understanding Twice-Exceptional Learners: Connecting Research to Practice.” Both accomplishments spotlight Fugate’s hard work and his dedication to supporting parents, educators and students.​


Department E​arns ‘A’ on NCTQ Report Card​

The importance of elementary school teachers can’t be overstated. These educators are critical to the intellectual development of young students and serve as role models during their formative years.

Throughout the region, many PK-12 teachers are successfully helping students navigate new and dynamic curriculum in the classroom … and more recently, online ... as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Credit the University of Houston-Downtown’s Department of Urban Education (based in the College of Public Service) for effectively preparing these teachers for a changing educational landscape in the city’s schools.​


UHD is First Texas University in National Initiative​

Research has shown that lack of teacher diversity is often a factor in gaps in academic completion and achievement among minority students.

The University of Houston-Downtown’s Department of Urban Education (based within the College of Public Service) works to close those gaps by effectively preparing teachers to support at-risk and underserved student populations. Now, a new initiative will further support the University's efforts to prepare a more diverse teaching force that is ready to serve school districts within the region.​


Renamed ​Bachelor's in Education at UHD Supporting Tomorrow's Teachers

​​​​For decades, the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) has produced classroom-ready educators through its Department of Urban Education (based in the College of Public Service). Now, a degree name change may not only recruit more aspiring educators to U​HD but also support the region’s demand for qualified teachers.

August 21, 2020
Integrating Literacy Naturally
Avoiding the One-Size-Fits-All Curriculum in Early Childhood
Kim Pinkerton and Amelia Hewitt

Integrating Literacy Naturally is a guide for nurturing a love of literacy in both teachers and young children. More than a hundred children's book titles and other resources serve as springboards for cultivating that love and meeting individual literacy needs in developmentally appropriate ways.

June 04, 2020 
A Drive-by Celebration for UHD Teacher Graduates
The original plan was to meet on April 30 at a local restaurant to celebrate graduating seniors who are members of UHD-Northwest’s Be A Teacher Club.

April 09, 2020
Bound For Success: UHD Kingwood Students Awarded at State Convention
It seemed that the COVID-19 pandemic would put a damper on the Texas State Teachers Association-Aspiring Educators’ 64th Annual State Convention for 42 UHD Kingwood students. 
For the Austin convention, these students were prepared — from their paid registration fees to assigned hotel roommates to team T-shirts to carpool assignments.  

Thanks to the Coronavirus, the convention was cancelled. 

March 30, 2020
When School and Home Collide During COVID-19
UHD’s Dr. Diane Miller Provides Insight on Home-Schooling

The COVID-19 pandemic has and will forever change our lives. Everything that was once familiar, and routine is now different. Parents and guardians of school-aged children are being faced with burgeoning challenges in how to maintain their kids’ education at home.  

February 24, 2020
Rodeo Scholar Brya Curtis Following in Family’s Footsteps at UHD
The saying usually goes … “Like mother, like daughter.”
In the case of the University of Houston-Downtown student Brya Curtis, the phrase could be amended to … “like mother, like sister … and like sister”...

She is clearly following in her family’s footsteps as her mother and two older sisters also attended UHD. The one difference in their academic trajectory, however, is that Brya is receiving support through a Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Scholarship (HLSR).

February 06, 2020

UHD Welcomes Urban Education Advisory Board

This week, the University of Houston-Downtown’s Department of Urban Education (UE) welcomed its first UE Advisory Board to campus. Comprised of more than 20 stakeholders, this board will support the preparation of future educators within the University’s College of Public Service.

January 29, 2020
Teacher Preparation at UHD Bolstered through US PREP Partnership
Teachers are always in demand in Texas.

Through the efforts of the University of Houston-Downtown’s College of Public Service and the Department of Urban Education, aspiring educators receive expert preparation to support students in classrooms throughout the state’s largest school districts.

November 25, 2019
UHD E-Book Library Bridging Language, Literacy Barriers
Illustrated storybooks have long proven to be an effective tool in helping children learn to read. Authors and educators agree that the right combination of text and illustrations contribute to the development of children’s language skills. Likewise, books with meaningful, familiar content also help develop students’ reading comprehension.

August 08, 2019
UHD Hosts Harris County Department of Education
College of Public Service Supports Professional Development
HD’s College of Public Service (CPS) is hosting the Harris County Department of Education (HDCE) on Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 13 and 14 to support teacher and staff professional development workshops.

UHD Professors Receive NSF Grant​​​​

University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) associate professors Jacqueline Sack from the Department of Urban Education, and Rebecca Quander from the Department of Mathematics ​​were awarded a $49,847 grant for their.

U​HD Professor to Receive 2016 McGraw Hill Distinguished Scholar Award

The Department of Urban Education and the College of Public Service are honored to announce that Bernardo E. Pohl, Jr., Ph.D., assistant professor of Urban Education, will be.

Two Urban Education Alumni Recognized for Teaching Excellence

The Department of Urban Education is proud to announce that two of their alumni recently have been recognized for their excellence in teaching in public schools. 

UHD Receives $10,000 Grant for Homeless Preschool Education Programs
The Union Pacific Foundation recently awarded a $10,000 grant for fiscal year 2015 in support of educational programs taught by UHD's Department of Urban Education at the House of Tiny Treasures (HTT).

Group photo

Urban Education Students Show Love through Food at Big Read Event

On Thursday, February 5, 2015 UHD hosted a Big Read event at SEARCH Homeless Services for the families and children of House of Tiny Treasures pre-primary school. Funded by a grant from National Education Association, the event was a celebration centered on the healing power of food as depicted in the novel "A Lesson before Dying" by Ernest J. Gaines.​​

Faculty News

  • Dr. C. Matthew Fugate, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, has been named one of the 22 People to Watch in the Neurodiveristy and Twice Exceptional Movement by Brdges 2E Media and Variations Magazine.”​​​
  • Understanding Twice-Exceptional Learners: Connecting Research to Practice provides readers with an in-depth look at the needs and lived experiences of students who are twice exceptional. This book addresses how teachers teach and work with students in this population by presenting a research-based foundation for strength-based strategies that can be implemented in the classroom.
  • Buy ​Dr. Fugate's book Understanding Twice-Exceptional Learners: Connecting Research to Practice​ on ​Prufrock Press.

  • Dr, Michael Connell's paper, “Commonplaces, Authority, Reasoning, And Experience: Developing Plausible Reasoning And Proof Within A Technologically Enhanced Mathematics Classroom" has been accepted to the Twenty-ninth International Conference on Learning in València, Spain. The annual conference is an integral component of the The Learner Research Network. Founded in 1989, The Learner Research Network is brought together around a common concern for learning in all its sites, formal and informal, and at all levels, from early childhood, to schools, colleges and universities, and adult, community and workplace education.
  • Xandra Williams-Earlie has received the 2020 Outstanding Leadership in Science Education Award from the Texas Science Education Leadership Association (TESLA). Ms. Williams-Earlie have been an adjunct with the Urban Education Department for many years and focuses her efforts on supporting students the UHD Kingwood campus. R​ead more about Xandra on AISD's website

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