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College of Public Service

  • December 2016 UHD commencement speaker and Social Work major, Naiyolis Palomo

  • mayor turner  and dean van horn

    Mayor Turner Honored at UHD Social work Awards Ceremony

  • social work graduates

    Spring 2016 Graduates

  • Social Work Awards Breakfast

    16th Annual Social Work Awards Breakfast

    ​Evan Semones, Melissa Davila, Naiyolis Palomo, and Ahmed Myrick

  • Lisa Falkenburg

    UHD 2015 Social Work Person of the Year

    Houston Chronicle Columnist and Pulitzer Prize Winner Lisa Falkenberg

  • Maria Chavez Berry speaks at the 2014 UHD Spring Graduation ceremony

    2014 Graduation Speech

    ​​Maria Chavez Berry, UHD graduate, gave an inspiring speech at the Spring 2014 UHD graduation ceremony

  • Angela Blanchard UHD Social Work Person of the Year

    UHD Social Work Person of the Year

    ​Angela Blanchard Honored as UHD Social Work Person of the Year


The Mission of UHD's Bachelor of Social Work Program is to prepare entry-level social workers for evidence-based, justice-oriented, generalist practice in an urban environment. 


Preparing Social Workers to address 21st century issues in the global environment. 


  1. ​​To provide access to social work education to students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses, and prepare students for future professional development and graduate study. 
  2. To educate entry-level practitioners to the social work profession with an emphasis on its unique history, values, and ethical base. ​
  3. To prepare baccalaureate-level social workers for culturally-sensitive, generalist practice in an interconnected world. 
  4. To promote understanding of urban and global​ social problems while preparing professional social workers to empower, advocate and otherwise meet the needs of marginalized populations and work for organizational and social change. 

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