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College of Public Service

Social Work Faculty & Staff





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​Cortez, Damaris

Goins, Angela​
​C 345Dgoinsa@uhd.edu713-221-8109
Goltz, Heather Honore

Associate ProfessorC 345E goltzh@uhd.edu713-221-8602
McCarty, Dawn​

Associate Professor and Director of the Social Work Program​C 345B mccartyd@uhd.edu713-221-2729
​Savani, Shahnaz

Smith, Dana S.

Assistant Professor and Director of Field EducationC-345C smithda@uhd.edu713-226-5279
​Smith, Vivian
​Administrative Assistant II
Wernet, Stephen​

ProfessorC 330H wernets@uhd.edu713-221-8660

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