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BSW Admissions

Note: Students cannot independently declare a major in Social Work. 

Admission to the Social Work Program is a competitive process. Requirements for acceptance into the program are: 

As part of the application process, students must disclose any investigation or conviction for abuse and/or neglect of a child, older adult or any individual with a disability. A conviction does not necessarily preclude you from the program; we must be informed of any conviction, and will discuss your particular situation with you. As part of the application process, you will need to attach a statement explaining the investigation, arrest and/or conviction.

Determination of admittance to the Social Work Program is based on:

  • A quality writing sample
  • Quality progress in prior academic history
  • Demonstrated compliance and/or potential compliance with professional expectations as indicated in interactions and communications with staff, faculty, and students
  • Number of available slots in relationship to the size of the applicant pool
  • Needs of the community and profession
All applications are reviewed by the BSW Admissions Committee and a determination regarding admission will be emailed to you.

Application Submission Dates

Note: if you miss a priority deadline, we will still try to review your application in time for the upcoming semester. Therefore, please submit it as soon as you can.

Applications to the Social Work Program are accepted on an ongoing basis. Applications are reviewed monthly by the Admissions Committee. For a guaranteed admissions decision for the start of a semester, applications must be submitted by the following priority deadlines:

For a guaranteed review of your application before Fall Semester, the priority deadline is April 15th

For guaranteed review of your application before Spring Semester, the priority deadline is October 15th

Instructions for Completing the Online Application in Tk20/WatermarkTM

    • Log into Tk20WatermarkTM at using your UHD Gatormail username and password
    • Note: Never Use the Back Button
  2. Select the Applications from the menu on the left.
  3. Select the green tab toward the middle of the page titled: Create New Application.
  4. Select BSW Program Admissions Application for the semester you plan to enter the program (ex. BSW Program Admissions Application Fall 2018 for the admission to the program in Fall 2018).
  5. Next, complete the application as directed. Note: Items with the (*) are required fields. 
  6. Follow the instructions on the applications on how to upload your transcripts and essay.
  7. Once you reach the bottom of the screen, you will see several options: 
    • Save: Return later
    • Close: Exit and withdraw your application
    • Submit: Send your application for official review
    • Return to previous page
    • Next: Button inactive
  8. When your application is ready, enter your initials and click Submit to send your application for official review.
  9. If you have forgotten your UHD Gatormail username and password, please contact UHD Information Technology Help Desk: 

  10. IT Help Desk
    Phone: 713-221-8031

  11. For assistance with Tk20/WatermarkTM or the BSW Social Work application log-in process, please contact the Unit Administrator at:

Admitted Applicants: 

  • The UHD system will update student records to reflect "Social Work" major within 2-4 weeks (contact Social Work Program Director - Dr. Dawn McCarty at for assistance if this does not happen).
Applicants Not Admitted:
  • Please review and follow any instructions provided in your letter. 
  • Please note that students may appeal the admissions decision through the appeals process. Details about this process can be found at Appeals Process
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