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Field Practicum Application

Field Experience represents a bridge between the knowledge and experience gained in the classroom to professional social work practice. It is intended as an opportunity for students to observe the application of social work techniques by seasoned professionals, to be mentored by experienced social workers, and to test newly acquired knowledge and skills in an educationally supportive environment.

Field Practicum Application Deadlines

Attend the mandatory field practicum student orientation (date and time to be announced in classes, in the social work suite, & via email):  Meeting will occur in January (to start field practicum in the fall) or in September (to start field practicum in the spring).

Complete the Field Practicum Eligibility Application: By February 28th (to start field practicum in the fall) or by September 30th (to start in the spring).

Complete field practicum interview with the Director of Field Education Application: By March 30th (to start in the fall) or by October 31st (to start in the spring) (Note: an invitation to schedule an interview will be sent to each student that submits a Field Practicum Eligibility.)

Complete the Field Practicum Interview Outcome Form after you have completed your interview at the field practicum agency: due by April 30th (if starting field practicum in the fall) or by November 30th (if starting field practicum in the spring).

All placements should be formalized (both student and agency field instructor have approved the placement): By April 30th (if starting field practicum in the fall) or by the last official day of fall classes as posted in the UHD academic calendar (if starting field practicum in the spring).

You must have purchased student liability insurance and uploaded your proof of coverage document (NASW RRG Policy) to your Tk20/Watermark binder before you begin field practicum.  Please select a start date for your policy of August 1st (if starting field practicum in the fall) or of January 1st (if starting field practicum in the spring). (Note:  you are allowed to select your start date when you purchase the liability insurance and you will be covered for one year.) 

Do Not Use Internet Explorer To Log Into Tk20/Watermark

Student Instructions for Submitting Field Practicum Application in Tk20/WatermarkTM 

  1. Log into Tk20/WatermarkTM using your UHD  username and password.
  2. Under the Home tab, click "APPLICATIONS"
  3. Click "Create New Application" (green tab)
  4. From the drop-down menu, select "BSW Field Practicum Eligibility Application"
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Complete the application as directed (Note: Items with the * are required fields.)
  7. Once you reach the bottom of the screen, you will see several options:
    • SAVE: Return for later
    • CLOSE: Exit and delete your application
    • SUBMIT: Send your application for official review
    • PREV: Return to previous page
    • NEXT: Button inactive
  8. When your application is ready, be sure to type your full name in the last field to confirm the content of the application. Then, click "Submit".

For questions regarding Tk20, please email the Tk20 Unit Administrator at:

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