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Criminal Justice Faculty - Jace Valcore

Dr. Jace Valcore

Assistant Professor

Office: C-330J

Curriculum Vitae

My interest in crime and the criminal justice system began in junior high and grew throughout high school.  During my undergrad I minored in pre-law and criminology and was aiming for a career in federal law enforcement.  While getting my Masters in CJ at CU Denver, a professor hired me as a research assistant, noted my academic talents, and pushed me toward a career in academia.  I obtained my PhD in Public Affairs while maintaining an emphasis on both criminal and social justice policies.  My dissertation on state hate crime laws intentionally overlapped the fields of criminal justice and public policy.

Interests include criminal and social justice policies and policy making, most specifically in areas related to LGBTQ issues and Queer Criminology. Previous and ongoing research has looked at gender in policing, sexual orientation in state hate crime laws, and LGBT police officers.

University of Colorado Denver            PhD in Public Affairs                  2014

University of Colorado Denver            Master of Criminal Justice          2009​

Eastern Illinois University                    Bachelor of Arts in Sociology      2007​

​CJ 2301 Police Systems (F2F; online) 

CJ 3301 Criminology (hybrid; online) 

CJ 3318 Sex Crimes (F2F; hybrid; online) 

CJ 3300 Research Methods (F2F; online) 

CJ 4390 Exploring Criminal Justice Policy in Netherlands and Sweden (study abroad, hybrid) 

CJ 4390 Special Topics: Hate Crimes (F2F) 

CJ 6360 Special Topics: Hate Crime Laws and Bias-motivated Offenses (graduate F2F)

​Refereed Journal Publications

2011   Dodge, M., Valcore, L. & Gomez, F. Women on SWAT: Separate but Equal? Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, 34(4), 699-712.

2010   Dodge, M., Valcore, L., & Klinger, D. Maintaining Separate Spheres in Policing:
Women on SWAT Teams.  Women & Criminal Justice, 20(3), 218-238.

Book Reviews and Encyclopedia Articles

2015 Valcore, L. “Can’t Catch a Break.” The Social Science Journal, 52, 290-291.

2014   Valcore, L. Edwin Sutherland. In (Ed.) J. Albanese, Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Wiley-Blackwell.

2014   Valcore, L. Richard Quinney. In (Ed.) J. Albanese, Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Wiley-Blackwell.

2009   Valcore, L. Women & White-Collar Crime. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 20(3), 314-317.

Works Forthcoming and in Progress

Valcore, L. (article). Hate Crime. In (Ed.) W. Jennings, The Wiley Encyclopedia of Crime & Punishment, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Valcore, L. (in progress article). The Interplay of Social Constructions and Public Policy: An application of the Social Construction Framework using State Hate Crime Laws​

Professional Associations

American Society of Criminology Leadership- Co-organized Queer Criminology roundtables and panels for 2017 annual conference and chaired several of them 

Professional Service

 Journal referee for Journal of Family Strengths, Criminal Justice Review, Journal of Criminal Justice Education, Policing, Women & Criminal Justice

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