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Degrees for Law Enforcement Students

​The College of Public Service offers two undergraduate degrees: 

BSCJ: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

BAAS: Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science in Criminal Justice

The BSCJ degree is one where only academic courses can be applied to degree completion, whereas, the BAAS degree is one that allows for a blending of academic and technical credit toward degree completion. Law enforcement officers interested in Criminal Justice are often in a position to choose a degree plan of preference (either the BSCJ or the BAAS CJ). The information that follows is provided to facilitate an informed choice by law enforcement officers. 

The BSCJ Degree Plan

The BSCJ degree option should be strongly considered by law enforcement officers who have an interest in graduate school. The UHD Master's degree in Criminal Justice admission standards require Criminology, Statistics, and Research Methods (generally, at the 3000 or 4000 levels). These three courses are requirements of the BSCJ degree plan. The BSCJ degree is also a popular option among those who have completed the Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Arts (AA) degrees at a community college. 

The BAAS CJ Degree Plan

The BAAS degree plan should be strongly considered by students who come to UHD after having completed: 1) the Basic Peace Officer Certification (BPOC) or other advanced peace officer certifications; 2) military credits that can be applied to a degree program; and 3) an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree at a community college. Each of these are further described below. 

1.Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Basic Peace Officer Certificate (BPOC) and other advanced certifications for up to 36 credit hours toward the degree. Of these 36, 24 credits are awarded for completion of the BPOC. Four credit hours will be awarded for each of the Intermediate Peace Officer Certificate (IPOC),  Advanced Peace Officer Certificate (APOC), and the Master Peace Officer Certificate (MPOC).

​Texas Law Enforcement Certification Earned​Amount of Credit Awarded (in hours)
​Basic Peace Officer Certification (BPOC)​24
​Intermediate Peace Officer Certification (IPOC)​4
​Advanced Peace Officer Certification (APOC)​4
​Master Peace Officer Certification (MPOC)​4


2. ACE: Military credit. UHD may award military credit for a student's military service and training as the college and department considers appropriate in fulfilling degree requirements. The ACE form should be completed by students with veteran status after consultation with the academic advisor of their major. 

3. Associate of Applied Science degree. The AAS degree completed at a community college awards 60 hours of credit. Thirty-six of these hours will transfer and count toward the BAAS CJ degree plan in the technical credit block. The remaining 24 hours may transfer into UHD, but may or may not count as credit toward the BAAS CJ degree plan. A student interested in BAAS CJ may request an unofficial review of his or her undergraduate transcript prior to admission to obtain a clearer understanding of what hours will transfer in and count toward the BAAS CJ degree plan. Request an unofficial review of a transcript.

The College of Public Service offers one graduate degree in Criminal Justice: 

MSCJ: Master's Degree in Criminal Justice

The UHD Department of Criminal Justice currently offers a Master of Science (M.S.) degree with a major in Criminal Justice. This degree will help UHD graduates provide leadership, critical thinking, and knowledge in the areas of: Criminological Theory, Program Evaluation, and Criminal Justice Administration. 

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