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Criminal Justice Faculty - Clete Snell

Clete Snell

Professor of Criminal Justice and Social Work

Office: C-340P

I view my career in academia as the best possible job, because it provides a paid opportunity to continue learning. It's my belief that the best scholars in criminal justice learn from previous scholars in the field, from their academic peers, from professionals working in the system, and from their students. It's a privilege to work in an academic environment where the learning process is continual and life-long.​

​My academic interests are diverse but are generally concentrated in the areas of criminal justice policy. In recent years my research interests have focused on specialty courts including Drug, Mental Health, and Veterans Courts.​

​Sam Houston State                                Ph.D. Criminal Justice           1999

University of South Carolina                 M.S. Criminal Justice              1994

Montana State University                      B.S. Sociology                        1990

​Introduction to Criminal Justice, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Justice, Research Methods, Criminology, Ethics, Seminar in Criminal Justice Films, Issues in Criminal Justice, Advanced Criminology, Administration in Criminal Justice, Law & Society, Mental Health & Criminal Justice, Qualitative Research Methods, and Violence in America.


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