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Scholarships - UHD Criminal Justice

Graduate Externship​​​

The externship/scholarship award was created in collaboration with the Harris County, Texas  Juvenile Probation Department for a student int​​erested in a career working with juvenile offenders.  The student is awarded a $1500 per semester scholarship and a paid "externship" with the Harris County Probation Department.  The student must enroll in CJ 6370 Independent Study and satisfy certain academic requirements established by the instructor for the course.​ Application (PDF​).

Eligibility for this MSCJ Graduate Externship requires the following:

  1. certified full-time graduate student (at least 9 semester ​       credit hours) in the Masters of Criminal Justice degree program who is in good academic standing at the University of Houston-Downtown;
  2. good financial standing with the university at the time of application;
  3. enrolled at UHD during the period in which the award will be used;
  4. nominated by a faculty member in the Department of Criminal Justice;
  5. enroll in CJ 6370 Independent Study; and
  6. interview with and be offered a part-time position by the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. The student must meet the same employment requirements as a full-time applicant for a position with the department​

Clarence Kendall/100 Club Endowed

The primary goal of this scholarship is to support persons who seek to become TCOLE certified Law Enforcement Officers in the greater Houston area in completing not only a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree but the TCOLE pre-service academy. Application (PDF)

100 Club

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