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Criminal Justice Faculty - Barbara Belbot

Barbara Belbot


Office: C-340G

Curriculum Vitae

After practicing commercial law for several years, I served as an attorney- monitor in the prison reform federal lawsuit, Ruiz v. Estelle where I got interested in institutional reform litigation, especially as it relates to reforming criminal justice organizations. I publish in the area of prisoners' rights and constitutional law. I teach Criminal Law, Criminal Evidence and Procedure, the Legal Rights of Convicted, Legal Liabilities for Criminal Justice Professionals, and numerous courses related to the correctional system.  

​My primary research interests are related to the intersection of law and public policy with respect to the courts, corrections, and police.   I am also interested in the law of sentencing and how it has been shaped by political, economic, and cultural forces.

Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio          B.A. History                      1974 

University of Houston Law Center          J.D.                                    1980​

UT Health Science Center                      M.P.H.                                1985

Sam Houston State University                Ph.D. Criminal Justice       1995​

Undergraduate Courses 

CJ 1301 Crime, Law & Society 

CJ 2302 Criminal Court Systems 

CJ 2303 Correctional Systems 

CJ 3301 Criminology Online

CJ 3304 Criminal Law 

CJ 3305 Criminal Evidence & Procedure 

CJ 3309 Security & the Law 

CJ 3311 Ethics of Social Control 

CJ 3312 Institutional-Based Corrections 

CJ 3312 Institutional Corrections Online 

CJ 3313 Community-Based Corrections 

CJ 3313 Community-Based Corrections Online 

CJ 3319 Legal Research 

CJ 4307 Legal Rights of the Convicted 

CJ 4312 Research Topics 

CJ 4314 Women & the Criminal Justice System 

CJ 4370 Senior Seminar: Hate Crimes 

CJ 4390 Special Topics in Criminal Justice – the Death Penalty 

Graduate Courses 

CJ 6310 CJ Issues in Criminal Justice 

CJ 6311 Legal Liabilities in Criminal Justice 

CJ 6312 Law & Society 

CJ 6313 Issues in Corrections 

CJ 6350 Criminal Justice Policy Analysis 

CJ 6360 Death Penalty  

CJ 6342 Correctional Programming (ITV) 

CJ 6370 Independent Study 


Craig Hemmens, Barbara Belbot, & Katherine Bennett (2013). Significant Cases in Corrections

Belbot, Barbara A. & Craig Hemmens, (2010) The Legal Rights of the Convicted .       

Belbot, Barbara A. (2005). Guide to Criminal Law for Texas (3d ed.).

Belbot, Barbara A. (1999). Guide to Criminal Law for Texas.

Belbot, Barbara A. (2004) “Report on the PLRA: what have the courts decided so far?” The Prison Journal 84(3) pp. 290-316.

Belbot, Barbara (2012). “Prisoner Constitutional Rights and Related Litigation.” In Blackburn, A., Fowler, S. & Pollock, J. (eds). Prisons: Today and Tomorrow (3rd ed).

Belbot, Barbara (2012). “The Sentencing Revolution.”  In F. Reddington and G. Bonham (eds.) Flawed Criminal Justice Policies:  At the Intersection of the Media, Public Fear and Legislative Response.     

Belbot, Barbara A. (2007). “Inmate Litigation and the Constitution,” In C. Hemmens (ed.)
Current Legal Issues in Criminal Justice.

Belbot, Barbara A. (2007). “Mandatory Treatment: Issues and Myths,” In M. McShane & F. Williams (eds) Youth Violence and Delinquency Interventions: Monsters and Myths.

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