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Whitney Threadcraft-Walker

whitney threadcraft-walker

Whitney Threadcraft-Walker

Assistant Professor

Office: C-340

​​Dr. Threadcraft is an assistant professor of Criminal Justice.  She is a UHD alumnus, having earned her Bachelor of   Science- Sociology and Masters of Science - Criminal Justice from the University.  She earned her Doctorate of Philosophy - Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University.

Dr. Threadcraft's mother is also a Criminal Justice professor who graduated from UHD. Hearing her mother speak about various policies and their impact on people, families, and communities "ignited a spark" in Threadcraft and she became interested in understanding why things in the criminal justice system were so broken and began to try to identify solutions.  She was particularly interested in why Black and Latinx communities were over-represented in the criminal justice system while simultaneously being severely underrepresented in terms of being criminal justice decision-makers, policymakers, evaluators, and researchers.  She is committed to training a cadre of diverse and innovative criminal justice professionals

Dr. Threadcraft's research interest is de-incarceration, the movement of people out of the criminal justice system.  She is currently a Fellow in the Government Innovation Fellowship program at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.  The project Dr. Threadcraft is working on involves changing how police officers respond to individuals with mental illness.  In the program, which is taking place in rural areas in Texas, EMT'S accompany the police on calls involving individuals experiencing mental health issues and divert the individual to a mental health setting for treatment instead of into the criminal justice system.

Dr. Threadcraft is also interested in applied research. She would love to write a book for criminal justice practitioners about translating research into policy and procedures.  Her previous work with Harris County reflects her interest in applied research. At the Pre-Trial Services Agency, which supports defendants from the time of their arrest to the resolution of their case, she developed the research agenda to help identify supervision practices that negatively affect defendants and better understand how to help defendants be successful.  She was the research manager at the Office of Budget Management, evaluating programs and policies to determine if they were a good fit for the county. 

Dr. Threadcraft is from Houston and is married with three children, aged eight, six, and three.  She enjoys cooking and has been baking lots of cookies during quarantine.   She enjoys watching horror, science fiction, and mystery movies.  Her biggest pet peeve is when people are rude to individuals who work in customer service.  She would like to experience the Pacific Northwest's climate and visit England to experience its culture and history. â€‹

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